Turn Up Your Happy with Press Pause

Friday 17th Jun 2022 |

Designed by women, for women, Press Pause empowers women to embrace the imperfect moments they all encounter in their daily lives and transform those moments into positive, self-care experiences – with just a little bit of help from botanicals and CBD.

When the never-ending to-do-list seems to run the show, Press Pause have a remedy to help women to unwind and rest, to pause that clock and sink into pleasure. It’s creating the environment to appreciate yourself for where you are, in all your glittering imperfection – and give yourself the healing you so deserve.

Press Pause has recently launched three wellness heroes in the UK – covering mental, physical and sexual wellness to allow minds to float away in tranquillity with the relief of stress, tension and aches.


Indulgent CBD Bath Salts (£25)

Packed with essential oils and 50mg of pure CBD isolate, the Indulgent CBD Bath Salts are infused with lavender to provide the ultimate relaxing soak. With the combination of Epsom salts and CBD provides the powerful duo for muscle and joint comfort and relief for stress, tension and general pain and swelling.

Directions: Add the desired amount of bath salts to warm running water. Soak for at least 30 minutes to experience the benefits.


Soothe Comforting CBD Body Balm (£45)

Lift the weight of the world off shoulders with the Comforting CBD Body Balm. Packed with 50mg of full-spectrum CBD, soothing essential oils, arnica and hemp extract, the balm is set to relax and relieve.

Directions: Apply a small amount to clean skin and deeply massage for maximum absorption. For best results, use after a warm shower or bath.


LOVE CBD Intimacy Spray (£40)

Boost any sex life with the CBD Intimacy Spray, a magical mix of CBD, cassia, ginger, peppermint and rosemary. The CBD infused spray can help increase blood flow to the tissue in order to increase sensitivity and promote the body’s natural lubrication, in turn boost pleasure. It also promises pain-relieving and anti-anxiety properties to ditch discomfort and better help set the right mood. The CBD Intimacy Spray is suitable for use with a partner or solo play, and can also be used by men to enhance sensual experiences.

 Directions: Spray intimate areas to stimulate and enhance sensitivity.

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