Travelling Domestically? Things to Do For Families in Hampshire

Saturday 21st Aug 2021 |

Hampshire has a fantastic host of cities, countryside and coasts to visit with your family. A county with an amazing history and two spectacular national parks.

When planning your trip, we have some great days out for everyone to enjoy.  

Before you go 

Pack your sun protection, and don’t forget your travel insurance; yes, even for a domestic trip. With lockdowns and cancellations, it’s essential to protect yourself from the unexpected. Companies like Staysure include cover for pandemic related cancellations in all new policies, giving you the peace of mind to plan a fun trip without worrying about losing out. Now, what about those great days out?  

Things to Do For Families in Hampshire – Solent Sky Museum  

Hampshire and the Solent regions were the centre for aviation research and development between 1910 and 1960. More than 26 manufacturers were based here and built everything from biplanes to the legendary Spitfire. 

The museum is spread out over three floors with many exhibits to see and friendly staff waiting to share their boundless knowledge with your family. The Solent Sky Museum is a fantastic day out for both adults and children. 

Things to Do For Families in Hampshire – Paultons Park 

If you’re looking for something family-friendly with a little more speed and excitement, then Paultons Park is the place for you. 

Things to Do For Families in Hampshire

Home of the Pepper Pig world, perfect for the little ones, and their new world Tornado Springs with eight new rides to experience. Paultons Park has plenty of family rides to try together and so much to do that many people stay in local hotels to have days of fun.  

Things to Do For Families in Hampshire – Milestones Museum 

Part of the Hampshire Cultural Trust, Milestones is the Living History Museum. Interactive exhibits on the cobbled streets inside this museum are an exciting and unique way to experience the incredible history of Hampshire.  

For safety reasons to help keep us all safe, some of the interactive exhibitions have been closed or have restrictions to one household at a time, but there’s still plenty to do and see during your visit to this magical museum. 

Things to Do For Families in Hampshire – New Forest National Park 

Known as the World Captial for Wildlife, the New Forest National Park is a spectacular sight to behold. With trails, hikes, cycling, birdwatching and plenty of family activities available, you’ll come home with memories that last a lifetime. 

When people think of the New Forest National Park, the first image they have is of the beautiful wild New Forest Ponies. Often described as the ‘architects of the forest’, thousands of ponies roam the landscape, and it’s not unusual to come face to face with these famous residents on any of the trails available. Be sure to respect the rules and not feed them, as this could hurt them, and they have plenty to eat all year round. 

Enjoy one of the many family activities such as Hurst Castle, wild play or horseback riding. Whether you have toddlers or teenagers, there are many ways to experience the new forest, either on foot, bike, coach tours or even horse. Many of the trails pass through the small towns and villages, giving you the perfect opportunity to sit down and have a spot of lunch in these picturesque places. 

Things to Do For Families in Hampshire – Sunny Beaches, Perfect for Family Fun 

Things to Do For Families in Hampshire

Hampshire has many beaches to choose from, and they’re all as beautiful as the next. A favourite of locals and visitors alike is Lepe Beach, and it forms part of Lepe Country Park. An outstanding natural beauty, it has lovely views of the Ilse of Wight and splendid coastal walks.  

Lepe Beach is an excellent place for water activities, with many people enjoying canoeing, kayaking and windsurfing during their visits. Many also enjoy great fishing opportunities, but it doesn’t beat splashing and playing in the water with your family.
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