Travel trends for 2021

Thursday 17th Dec 2020 |

When ringing in the New Year at the start of 2020, its more than likely you had big travel plans ahead, but unfortunately, a global pandemic came along and disrupted them.

Next year, with the vaccine roll out already begun this week, travel is set to make a triumphant return. 

So, whether you’re looking to continue with holidaying closer to home, want to incorporate business and pleasure or finally tick off that bucket list adventure, luxury self-catering company Perfect Stays has predicted what travel trends are set to make it big next year.

Amongst other things, 2020 was the year for staycations. UK holiday searches and bookings were up by a third compared to 2019 and it looks as though this is set to continue into next year. 

Although vaccinations are on the horizon, it’s still uncertain if international travel will return with minimal restrictions and whether we will see the removal of quarantine after travel. Even if the UK relax the rules, other countries may keep their travel bans in place. 

As Brits discover a new love for nature and the beauty of UK locations, staycations may look to be the more favourable option for their travel fix.

Before this year, the term ‘remote working’ was often seen as an anomaly and not something most people would consider.

However, since the coronavirus pandemic has forced the majority of the public to work from home, so many people are realising that working from different locations is a possibility.

We will see people take advantage of more flexible/remote schedules, extending their trips by a few days, enabling them to mix work with play.

And now with some countries introducing ‘digital nomad’ visas, the likelihood of people working remotely for longer periods in a different country will continue to grow.

Although coronavirus has been a burden on the majority of people’s lives, the pandemic has caused more people to stay at home, which has had a positive impact on the environment.

Traits consumers have fostered during the pandemic will transfer into their travel plans, adapting their priorities towards slower travel with a focus on local communities and the environment.

Travellers will want to ensure their impact isn’t damaging to host communities and will be keen to lean on local guides and concierge services that will help them embrace unique local experiences.

Next year, we will see consumers pushing for sustainable and responsible travel, as well as the need to give back to local communities whether in the UK or abroad.

Despite travel being on pause for many this year, the urge to do so has not disappeared. We believe it will have grown stronger and consumers will be itching to visit their dream destinations sooner rather than later.

With a year of enforced frugality, people will have seen their savings increase, which allows them to splurge next year. So, during this quiet period, the majority of consumers will have had time to dream and research the places they’ve always wanted to visit.

This new bucket-list travel isn’t about famous sites or popular cities, travellers will want experiences and choose ‘once in a lifetime’ trips instead. People will want to avoid large crowds and escape to the wild, embrace nature and meet the locals that live amongst it.

With governments imposing national and local lockdowns at short notice, travellers want to be comfortable when making a booking. Should something unexpected occur, they won’t want to lose out and will want to know they can rebook for a later date. 

Going into 2021, this will become a priority for consumers along with last-minute bookings. We will see an increase in spontaneous bookings, with holidaymakers searching for trips that would take them away within the same week or month. 

Holiday companies will need to ensure they offer flexible transfer and cancellation options in their terms and conditions to ensure holidaymakers have complete peace of mind when booking a getaway.

By Josh Wildeman, Marketing Manager of Perfect Stays

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