Friday 09th Jul 2021 |

Following the announcement that those that are double vaccinated will no longer need to quarantine on return to England from amber list destinations from 19 July, travel insurance provider battleface provides clarification on whether vaccination status affects travel insurance.

Katie Crowe, Director of Communications for battleface, said: “We’re pleased to hear today’s announcement that restrictions are being eased for those returning to the UK from amber destinations, which will provide a much-needed boost for the travel sector. We hope very much that families who have been kept apart due to ongoing travel restrictions will be reunited as soon as possible.

As always, it is important that travellers ensure they have adequate travel insurance cover for their trip and for the activities they plan to carry out whilst away.  battleface policies are available and accessible for all, and cover destinations worldwide regardless of their traffic light colour and including those under FCDO essential and non-essential travel advisories.”

TRAVEL INSURANCE AND COVID – Can I still get travel insurance if I don’t have a Covid vaccination? 

Yes – battleface policies are available regardless of whether you have had the Covid vaccination or not. battleface offers accessible insurance to everyone that needs it. 

Some travel insurance providers offer Covid extensions that are only valid if you’ve had the recommended Covid vaccine, so it’s important to check your cover carefully. 


TRAVEL INSURANCE AND COVID – Am I required to state my vaccination status when I apply for travel insurance? What about if I have to make a claim? 

No – you will not be required to state your Covid-19 vaccination status when applying for battleface insurance. 

However, we do ask all travellers to declare they have had (or will have) received all the usual immunisations recommended by a qualified doctor before travelling to their destination, for example, to protect against tropical diseases such as yellow fever.

TRAVEL INSURANCE AND COVID – What happens if I contract Covid abroad and I’m not vaccinated – will battleface still cover the medical expenses? 

If you are eligible for Covid-19 medical expenses cover with battleface then the policy benefits remain the same regardless of whether you have been vaccinated.   battleface includes cover for emergency medical expenses caused by or resulting from Covid-19 which is available on all policies for travellers up to and including age 59.

TRAVEL INSURANCE AND COVID – Is my travel insurance premium lower if I have been double vaccinated? 

No – our ratings system is not based on your vaccination status.  Those that are fully vaccinated are able to travel to amber list destinations without the need to quarantine on return to England from this summer. 

TRAVEL INSURANCE AND COVID – How will this affect my travel insurance?  Can I get travel insurance for an amber list destination if I’m not vaccinated? 

Yes – battleface policies cover countries that are under FCDO and government advisories against ‘all but essential travel’ and ’all travel’ and those under the traffic light system. 

This means that if a country moves to an ‘all but essential travel’ status with the FCDO or from Green to Amber, for example, the traveller will still be fully covered in the destination. battleface polices remain available and fully valid.