Cooking With Canned Fish

Top Tips For Cooking With Canned Fish

Friday 29th Mar 2024 |

Consumers’ desire for convenience, value, and high-quality food is unwavering, with families continuing to look for well-made, nutritious, and cost-effective meals. At Princes, canned fish serves as the cornerstone for delicious, creative, and nutritious dishes, and Senior Development Chef Simon Stokes unveils the key reasons why canned option reign supreme.

1. If you’re tight for time

While some may enjoy cooking, it is not always practical to spend hours in the kitchen to create a tasty meal. Chef Simon Stokes has recognised the mid-week time struggle and has created dishes such as Mexican Style Tuna Tacos that can be created in just 10 minutes. Simon explains “Most of the ingredients on this colourful plate are tinned for extra convenience, including tuna in springwater, black beans and sweetcorn, with the only other items you’ll need being soft tacos, lettuce and salsa, with maybe a couple of sprigs of fresh coriander and a squeeze of lime juice for extra flavour!”

2. Get creative with a can

Canned tuna can often get overlooked as an ingredient for simple meals only, yet Chef Simon explains “it’s one of the most versatile products you can get. Think outside the box and check the Princes website or TikTok if you’re ever in need of inspiration!”

3. A worthy can

Whether it’s for Tuna, Salmon, Mackerel or Sardines – Princes know and trust their fishing partners. As Simon explains, “Not all canned tuna is created equal make sure you choose a can that has strong environmental credentials. Every can of responsibly sourced Princes Tuna, can be traced back to its original boat, and every multi-pack now comes in 100% recyclable packaging.”

4. Reap the health benefits

Canned fish is bursting with health benefits, with it being a natural source of
protein, straight from the original source. For example, our tuna in spring water contains 23.5g per 100g, approaching half of the recommended daily allowance of protein you need according to the department of health (50g for women and 55g for men). As Chef Simon states “It’s not too widely known but the canning process supports the preservation of the food and retains the majority of essential nutrients, helping to limit the addition of artificial preservatives.” It also rivals its fresh alternatives, with Princes’ pink salmon canned fish offering containing up to 10 times the calcium content of fresh salmon.

5. Cost efficient without skimping on taste

Canned fish not only offers tremendous cost savings but also delivers good, if not better, tasting food than fresh. At Tesco, 100g of fresh salmon fillet will cost you £2.12, whereas 100g of Princes canned Red Wild Pacific Salmon comes to just £1.74 – that’s a handy saving of 38p per 100g bought. Furthermore, Manchester Metropolitan University tested recipes made with fresh ingredients against those made with canned ingredients, finding that in over half (53%) of cases canned was as good if not better tasting than fresh – debunking the common myth that canned food doesn’t taste as good as fresh!