Top Post-Lockdown Holiday Destinations

Saturday 06th Mar 2021 |

As hopes of a Summer holiday rise again with the EU’s announcement on vaccine passports, Uswitch has put together a list of the 9 most desired 2021 holiday destinations Brits can explore virtually.

Using Instagram hashtags to reveal the most sought after destinations, destinations such as Ibiza and Milan topped the list with over 15 million hashtags each.

So get your laptop, rejuvenate your bucket list and plan out some fresh new places to explore. – Happy Planning!

The Top 9 Bucket List Destinations for 2021

  1. Milan, Italy
  2. Budapest, Hungary
  3. Venice, Italy 
  4. Oahu, Hawaii
  5. Mykonos, Greece
  6. Northern Lights, Iceland 
  7. Tuscany, Italy, 
  8. Ibiza, Spain
  9.  Bern, Switzerland

2021 Holiday Plans? It’s even easier to research your trip with these virtual tours

These beautiful locations are the best places to explore in 2021 from the comfort of your living room. 

As the recent lockdown announcements sparked a 600pc surge in summer holiday bookings, many people are wondering what bucket list destinations they may finally be able to visit this year.

With this in mind, the team at Uswitch – using data from Instagram hashtags – has put together a list of the Top 9 most desired destinations of 2021 to explore virtually.

Post-Lockdown Holiday Destinations – Milan, Italy 


As one of the most popular bucket list hashtags on Instagram and over 20 Million posts on the platform, Milan in Italy is the favourite place to visit in Europe. 

Keep yourself entertained until you can visit in person by immersing yourself in some amazing virtual tours – from exploring Sforza Castle to strolling through Sempione Park there is so much to do. 

Check out a walking virtual tour here. 

Post-Lockdown Holiday Destinations – Venice, Italy 


Venice, the city of love, is unsurprisingly one of the most tagged bucket list locations on Instagram, with over 15 Million users using the #Venice. Luckily for those keen to visit when restrictions allow, the city has so much to offer, even virtually. 

Float past some of Venice’s famous monuments and ride under the Bridge of Sighs, while the soft splashes of water against the boat transform your living room into a gorgeous Italian summer’s day.

Check out the Gondola Ride here.

Post-Lockdown Holiday Destinations – Budapest, Hungary 


Experience the history of Budapest and explore some of its most famous buildings without even leaving the house, so you can fully prepare for your trip later on in the year.

Take a walking tour inside the Hungarian Parliament Building or experience the livelier spaces of the city – Budapest is beautiful and rich with culture, no matter the season.

Recent Instagram data revealed that over 13 Million visitors used the hashtag #budapest when visiting to snap their pictures of the city. So, why not explore the famous sites yourself and enjoy that feeling of adventure you have been dreaming of?

Check out a virtual tour available here. 

Post-Lockdown Holiday Destinations – Oahu, Hawaii


While we may be waiting slightly longer for a trip to this island, it’s not too early to start planning your holiday to one of the dreamiest destinations for 2021, by taking a virtual tour of the beautiful beaches of Oahu, Hawaii. 

As one of the most searched for destinations for next year, Oahu has accumulated a total of 6.4 Million posts on Instagram from visitors all over the world. 

Enjoy stunning beach sunsets with 360° views and a gorgeous backdrop of the glistening sea. If you are looking for a bit of culture, why not take a virtual walkthrough of some of the islands most historic sites and learn about the official residence of Hawaii’s Monarchy?

Check out Oahu’s virtual tour here. 

Post-Lockdown Holiday Destinations – Mykonos, Greece 


Mykonos is arguably one of the most beautiful Greek Islands to visit when you go on holiday, with stunning picturesque views and whitewashed towns that were built centuries ago. Cruising around the Greek Islands has proven to be one of the most popular destinations in Europe, with 4.4 Million users on Instagram posting images of their stay. 

You can still marvel at the beauty of the island from the comfort of your living room in preparation for your trip away. Try a walking tour of the stunning beaches or experience the bustling streets of the Greek Paradise and soak in the splendour that is Mykonos. 

Check out Mykonos live streams here. 

Post-Lockdown Holiday Destinations – Northern Lights, Iceland


Get cosy, grab some blankets and experience the Northern Lights right from your sofa. With over 1.7 Million Instagram users posting images of the Lights to the popular social media site, it’s easy to see why it is one of the dreamiest destinations for 2021. 

If you are ready to disconnect from reality and spend a bit of time gazing at the beautiful colours the Northern Lights have to offer, enjoy live streams in real-time from Iceland, Alaska and Norway via the Live Aurora Network Website. The green, violet and pink streaks will flood your living room and give you a bit of magic that you won’t forget. 

Check out the live streams available here. 

Post-Lockdown Holiday Destinations – Tuscany, Italy


Another popular Italian destination on Instagram is Tuscany, Italy. With over 8.7 million #tuscany posts on Instagram, the city’s many attractions include historic cities, art-filled museums and churches, great wine and food, medieval hill towns, beaches, and beautiful countryside. 

Before you book your next late summer vacation, check out the virtual tour of Tuscany here.

Post-Lockdown Holiday Destinations – Ibiza, Spain


With 17 million Instagram hashtags for this Spanish hotspot, trips to the island are looking even more likely this year after the tourism Minister, Iago Negueruela, announced the island has offered to trial welcoming tourists with vaccine passports.

Explore the beautiful beaches of the famous island or explore the hustle and bustle of Ibiza Old Town on this virtual tour, and get prepared for a late summer holiday.

Post-Lockdown Holiday Destinations – Bern, Switzerland


Switzerland is known for its stunning views of the swiss mountains that overlook some of Europe’s most famous towns and is one of the worlds dreamiest locations with 13.5k posts on Instagram. 

With travelling abroad on hold for a little while longer, experience the gorgeous town of Bern virtually from your sofa and see some of its most iconic landmarks. 

Known for its medieval roots, Bern is rich in history and covers 6km of arcades, cellar shops and bars. Spy Ben’s clock tower and watch its hands twirl before the chimes begin on the hour, or see if you can find all eleven of its famous fountains. The impressive city has so much to offer you’ll feel like you are really there.