Top 5 Places to Visit in Spain

Tuesday 29th Mar 2022 |

As one of the largest countries in Europe, Spain is as fascinating as it is varied. The country has many things on offer, from vibrant medieval cities to sun-kissed beaches and dramatic natural landscapes.

With so many things to discover in Spain, deciding where to go can be tricky. Not sure where to go in Spain? Check out these top places to visit in Spain.

Places to Visit in Spain – Barcelona

Situated in the Catalonia Region, along the eastern coast of Spain, Barcelona is a vibrant city famous for its quirky arts, exceptional architecture, and mouthwatering culinary scene. Start your day with tours of Antoni Gaudi’s incredible masterpieces, such as the La Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, and Casa Batlló. Head to the bustling Boqueria Market for lunch, then relax at  La Barceloneta Beach with a cool beer in hand. After a brief rest, hit Las Ramblas to experience Barcelona’s fun nightlife scene.  

Places to Visit in Spain – Ibiza 

If your idea of a holiday is spending lazy days at the beach and partying nonstop when nighttime comes, then Ibiza is the right place for you. Famous for its collection of excellent nightclubs and bars clustered around Ibiza Town, Ibiza is the third largest Balearic Island off the east coast of Spain. But take note that there’s more to Ibiza than its party scene. And if you’re here with your kids, stay in one of the luxury Ibiza waterfront villas that comes with child-friendly facilities. You’ll discover secluded coves, quaint villages, family-friendly beaches, and world-class restaurants as you explore the island. Therefore, it’s also a great destination for family holidays. 

Places to Visit in Spain – Alicante

Lying along Costa Blanca and located about 100 miles south of Valencia, Alicante is a beautiful Spanish city with a laidback vibe. You will most likely find visitors gathering around Explanada de España, donning swimwear and sipping refreshing cocktails. During the day, the beaches are often filled with holidaymakers, especially in San Juan Beach, which features soft powdery sands and crystal clear waters. While the city does have plenty of cultural and historical sites, including the acclaimed Archaeological Museum of Alicante, most visitors would come here to relax and party.

Places to Visit in Spain – Mallorca 

Places to Visit in SpainMallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands and is nothing short of spectacular. As you feast your eyes on the island’s fabulous stretches of golden sands, glittering hidden coves, and jagged limestone peaks, you’ll understand why it’s a popular holiday destination in Spain. While you might want to spend most of your time at the beach, there’s plenty to discover on this beautiful island. Explore the medieval town of Palma, with its soaring cathedrals, magnificent palaces, and quaint cobblestone streets and squares. Consider staying in Pollensa, a quaint village in the northern part of the island, check out Vida Villas, where you’ll find a concentration of beautiful villas available by the coast.

Places to Visit in Spain – Madrid

In many ways, Madrid is similar to many other major metropolises in Europe. As Spain’s largest city, you’ll find many things to explore here. The city is bursting with life and passion, where you’ll hear gentle melodies of Spanish guitar and happy laughter from locals during a midday meal. As the powerhouse of Spanish culture, no trip to Madrid is complete without a tour of the Golden Triangle of Art, consisting of the Reina Sofia Museum, Prado Museum, and the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum. And don’t forget that Madrid has the most delicious tapas on offer. So, after a day of exploring the city, make your way to the city’s best tapas bars.

Nestled in the heart of Andalusia, Seville is also a great city where the past and present blend seamlessly, offering a rich tapestry of cultural heritage, stunning architecture, and vibrant street life. Begin your journey with a Royal Alcazar and Cathedral of Seville tour (The best Seville Unesco sites). The majestic royal palace that captivates with its intricate Moorish designs and lush gardens. Wander through the winding streets of the Santa Cruz quarter, absorbing the charm of its historic buildings and lively tapas bars. Don’t miss the iconic Seville Cathedral and the Giralda tower, offering breathtaking views of the city !

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