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Top 10 vineyards to visit on a day trip out of Seville

Saturday 25th May 2024 |

With over 3K Google searches in the past month, ‘Seville things to do’ is currently on the rise, with holidaymakers looking for their next day trip in the historically charming city.

Wine and vineyard tours are a popular activity in the Spanish province, and with searches for ‘Seville wine’ rising by 42% in the past week, travel booking site OMIO has done some research to help thirsty travellers hunt down the best wine between Seville and Faro. 

Using the Google Places API, OMIO collected the top 10 vineyards between Seville and Faro, Portugal, sorting them based on their ratings and reviews.

So, whether you want to taste the best wine the city has to offer or take a day or two’s trip outwards to try wine from surrounding vineyards, here are the top 10 locations to visit.

1Viñedo Dehesa Del Zarco – Location: Pilas5
2Bodegas Magasé – Location: La Palma del Condado5
3Bodegas Juncales – Location: Bollullos Par del Condado4.9
4Bodegas Infante, S.L. – La Palma del Condado4.9
5Bodegas Andrade – Location: Bollullos Par del Condado4.8
6Bodega Vinícola Del Aljarafe – Location: Villanueva del Ariscal4.8
7Cooperativa Nuestra Señora De La Estrella – Location: Chucena4.8
8Bodegas Iglesias – Location: Bollullos Par del Condado4.7
9Bodegas F. Salado – Location: Umbrete4.7
10Bodega Tós x = – Location: Sevilla Este4.7

Viñedo Dehesa Del Zarco
Situated just west of Seville, this family-run vineyard is located on a beautiful estate and offers a fantastic selection of organic wines produced using sustainable processes. A variety of red and white wine grapes are cultivated here, including the locally grown Mantúa Pilas and Garrido Fino varieties.

Offering tours and tastings, Viñedo Dehesa Del Zarco is hailed for producing “exceptional wines” that are not to be missed. The charming family-run element of this vineyard holds a lot of value to its visitors, with many commenting on the “care and dedication” that is put into the care of the land and the creation of the wine. Seeing the wine-making process seems to be the highlight for many visitors, with one Google review stating, “It was magical to see how they make and manufacture their wines in such an artisanal way.”

Just a 42-minute drive from central Seville, this is the perfect day trip for wine drinkers and enthusiasts alike.

Bodegas Magasé

A short 46-minute drive from the centre of Seville will get you to Bodegas Magasé, situated in La Palma del Condado in the province of Huelva, a charming winery hailed for its “spectacular wines”.

The winery is run by the Mañes Izquierdo family, whose aim is to create wines that are as authentic as the land they originate from. The winery’s handcrafted wines are made from grapes personally selected by the family and stored in clay amphoras to preserve their original flavour. So if you enjoy learning about and watching authentic wine-making processes, this is the place for you.

Visitors can enjoy hiking, wine tasting, and food pairing excursions at their family vineyard, all whilst learning about the history of winemaking. If you’re looking for a winery that offers great wine and hospitality, then look no further than Bodegas Magasé, as visitors describe their time here as “very good quality wine, a magnificent atmosphere and exemplary people” and “Nice place, friendly people and great wine”.

Bodegas Juncales

Situated in Huelva, and just a 44-minute drive from Seville is Bodegas Juncales, a winery founded in 1946 by Mr. Antonio Benjumea Pérez. The founder’s passion for wine has been passed through the family, with the third generation of the family currently running the winery.

Housed in an old Andalusian winery building, the family strives to obtain unique fortified wines, ageing them in bocoyes and barrels made from American and French oak, giving them an exclusive bouquet. And it’s clear that their visitors agree, with one describing the winery as, “A paradise of extraordinary flavour and smells”.

Bodegas Juncales offers affordable educational tours and experiences including wine tasting, Viticulture (the study of grapevines) and Oenology (the study of wine) lessons, as well as tours around the historical winery itself. The level of knowledge shared at this winery is hailed by its visitors, with some saying, “Never has such a small winery taught us so much.” and “Excellent experience visiting this winery with so much history and with Pablo explaining the preparation of their products in great detail”

So if you want to level up your knowledge, whilst sipping on some locally produced wine, this short road trip out of Seville might just be the place for you.

These other vineyards and wineries below also made the list so if you’re looking for even more wine-related treasures you won’t be short of options if you visit Seville.

  • Bodegas Infante, S.L.– Location: La Palma del Condado – 4.9 ★
  • Bodegas Andrade – Location: Bollullos Par del Condado – 4.8 ★
  • Bodega Vinícola Del Aljarafe – Location: Villanueva del Ariscal – 4.8 ★
  • Cooperativa Nuestra Señora De La Estrella – Location: Chucena  – 4.8 ★
  • Bodegas Iglesias – Location: Bollullos Par del Condado – 4.7 ★
  • Bodegas F. Salado – Location: Umbrete – 4.7 ★
  • Bodega Tós x = – Location: Sevilla Este – 4.7 ★

These are the ideal spots for wine enthusiasts who want to broaden their understanding and experience of wines from southwestern Spain. Each location has its own unique selection, ensuring that you will have a memorable vineyard or winery experience that you will remember for years to come.

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