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Three New Sumptuous Organic Honeys Grow the Honey Heaven Range

Friday 26th Apr 2024 |

Artisanal honey brand, Honey Heaven has added three stunning new varieties to its organic honey range; Organic Honey infused with Bee Pollen, Propolis and Royal Jelly, Organic Natural Hungarian Acacia Honey with Honeycomb and Organic Wildflower Soft Set Honey.

All three take the finest organic Hungarian honey but each has its own deliciously special twist to make it stand out from the rest.  All are available from www.honeyheaven.co.uk

Organic Honey infused with Bee Pollen, Propolis and Royal Jelly  RRP £18.00  (300g)

Honey Heaven

This mouthwatering honey blend is loaded with nature’s superfoods, offering a potent dose of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to support overall health and vitality.

Bee Pollen is renowned for its immune-boosting properties and is believed to aid digestion, enhance energy levels, and promote skin health.

Propolis is a greenish brown product created by the bees when they combine beeswax, saliva and sap.  It has been revered for centuries for its antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties, making it a powerful ally in supporting immune function and overall wellness.

Royal jelly, created by the worker bees to feed their queen is rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.  It is believed to boost energy, enhance skin health, and have anti-inflammatory or anti-aging effects and so infuses this honey with the ‘elixir of youth’!

Enjoyed on its own, drizzled over yoghurt or fruit, or stirred into your favourite beverage, our Organic Honey with Bee Pollen, Propolis and Royal Jelly is a versatile and delicious addition to your daily routine.

Organic Natural Hungarian Acacia Honey with Honeycomb  RRP £18.00 (500g)

Honey Heaven

Organic acacia honey is harvested from the delicate blossoms of the Acacia tree, renowned for its mild flavour and irresistible sweetness while being packed full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.  

Whether drizzled over yoghurt, spread on toast, or used as a natural sweetener in your favourite recipes, our Organic Acacia Honey adds a touch of luxury to any dish, but the addition of a generous slice of honeycomb takes it to another level.

Honeycomb comes from flower nectar and the royal jelly produced in the beehive.  When it remains sealed, pure organic honey is in its most pure and most nutritious form because it is straight from the source. 

Try nibbling on the honeycomb for a delicious snack with the chewiness of the comb contrasting deliciously with the sweet liquid honey.  Alternatively melt it on warm toast for a flavour that is second to none.

Organic Wildflower Soft Set Honey  RRP £12.00 (300g)

Honey Heaven

Crafted from the purest nectar of organic blossoms growing wild on the Hungarian plains, our Soft Set Honey delivers a divine harmony of flavour and texture. Each jar embodies the essence of pristine meadows and vibrant wildflowers alive with the gentle buzz of bees.

Indulge your taste buds in the velvety richness of meticulously whipped to perfection for a luxuriously smooth consistency packed full of beneficial nutrients and antioxidants. 

Drizzle over warm toast, stir into your morning tea, or pair it with artisanal cheeses, however you choose to indulge, this honey’s delicate sweetness elevates every culinary creation.

Honey Heaven exclusively sources their honey from one small, artisanal Hungarian beekeeper.  The pristine Hungarian countryside is an area of natural beauty, unspoilt by pollution and pesticides with stunning landscapes, criss-crossed by a network of springs and rivers, untamed Acacia forests and lush wild-flower and lavender meadows which the bees call home.   The organic honey they make is extracted using traditional methods which are sustainable and work in complete harmony with nature.

Honey Heaven was established in 2015 by brother and sister team, Robert & Silvia Mocsari who were keen to share the incomparable honeys of their homeland.  Brought up on these, together with a knowledge of the medicinal benefits of herbs and spices passed down the generations, the range of 16 organic honeys on offer reflect this wisdom and passion for health-giving, natural products that taste great.

To find out more, and for recipes, visit www.honeyheaven.co.uk