Thirsty Thursday Cocktails; Fifth Edition

Thursday 17th Jun 2021 |

It’s that time of the week again, where we round up the perfect pleasure potions for your enjoyment.

Tantalise your tastebuds with this weeks selection of tipples and shake up your weekend with these Thirsty Thursday Cocktails

Thirsty Thursday Cocktails – Everleaf Forest

The original Everleaf; Forest is an intricate blend of 14 bittersweet botanicals including sweet orange blossom and Madagascan vanilla, bitter gentian and golden saffron, earthy vetiver, and spicy cassia bark, inspired by forest layers, from the canopy to the understory.

This complex and bittersweet beauty is best served in The Forest Spritz: 

One-part Everleaf Forest and three parts light tonic, garnished with a wedge of orange and served over ice – sunshine in a glass!

Available via Marks & Spencer and | RRP £18 | 50cl

Thirsty Thursday Cocktails – Black Cow & English Strawberries

Black Cow & English Strawberries, from Black Cow vodka, the world’s first vodka to be made from milk (!), is created using leftover strawberries which are too misshapen for sale in UK supermarkets. These are pressed and infused into Black Cow’s pure milk vodka for four days before being filtered. The result is a crystal clear, blush pink, smooth, creamy vodka which sings of summer and the iconic strawberries and cream. 

Whilst perfect on the rocks to be enjoyed in the summer sun, it’s also delicious in a beautiful spritz which will satisfy your strawberries and cream craving in one lovely sip.

Thirsty Thursday Cocktails – Strawberry Spritz

Black Cow & English Strawberries | soda water |strawberries and mint to garnish

Add 30mls of Black Cow & English Strawberries to a tumbler with ice, top with soda water and garnish with strawberries and mint. Sip and savour in the sunshine 

Available via Ocado and | RRP £25 | 70cl

Thirsty Thursday Cocktails – Daddy Rack

Daddy Rack is an original Tennessee Straight Small Batch Whiskey, which arrived in the UK for the very first time this spring.

Made from an original recipe, Daddy Rack is a smooth and sumptuous whisky from Tennessee that will delight first-time whiskey drinkers and connoisseurs alike. Rich and fruity, Daddy Rack is light gold amber in appearance, with notes of maple, honey, light oak and caramelised banana. It is perfect in a variety of simple serves to make at home, and delivers a true taste of the American South with every sip. Try it in the Rackhouse Lemonade (you can even purchase a ready made kit to make it from Difford’s Guide!).

Thirsty Thursday Cocktails – Rackhouse Lemonade

45ml Daddy Rack | 20ml Crème De Pêche | 15 ml lemon juice | 90ml lemon-lime soda 

Pour all ingredients into an ice-filled Collins glass and garnish with a sprig of mint, if you wish!

Available via Master of Malt | RRP £39.95 | 70cl

Thirsty Thursday Cocktails – Stauning Smoke

Stauning is the premium whisky from the west coast of Denmark. Award winning and globally recognised for its quality and innovative approach. Stauning was created by a group of nine friends – four engineers, a helicopter pilot, a doctor, a teacher, a chef and a butcher – who joined together to push the boundaries of whisky-making, to create whiskies reflective of their heritage with distinct Danish character.

Whilst designed to be served neat to showcase the deep and distinctive flavour profiles of Stauning whiskies, each expression can also be enjoyed in a variety of cocktails, such as the Smokey Milkshake to cool down even the hottest of days. 

Thirsty Thursday Cocktails – Smokey Milkshake

4cl Stauning Smoke | 6cl Coconut Milk | 2 largest tablespoons vanilla ice cream | 1cl agave syrup

Pour all the ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth. Serve it in a highball glass and garnish with roasted coconut flakes
Available via Master of Malt | RRP £75 | 70cl

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