The Socially Distanced Staycation; 8 Ways to Stay Safe

Tuesday 12th Jan 2021 |

The search term ‘staycation’ has seen a huge surge in volume in the UK this year, up 304% between April and August, with more Brits than ever looking to holiday on home soil instead of jetting off abroad.

Due to the recent boom, and with restrictions meaning travelling requires additional safety precautions, self-catering holiday experts Sweetcombe Cottage Holidays have offered useful tips for staycation searchers to ensure a safe and socially distanced holiday.

Socially Distanced Staycation – Take travel into your own hands

With public transport known for harbouring bacteria and germs, a driving holiday is the perfect option for a staycation this year. By driving your own car or renting one in your destination, it ensures that you are not encountering others on trains or buses and allows you to travel around on your own terms.

Socially Distanced Staycation – Enjoy lazy mornings

Make the most of your cottage or apartment by slowing down. Allow your time away to put alarms on pause, and enjoy lazy mornings with a delicious, cooked breakfast that will bring the family together while making the most of your cosy accommodation before life goes back to normal

Socially Distanced Staycation – Choose self-catering accommodation

Self-catering holidays are increasingly popular, with many people looking to stay in more remote places away from the crowds and tourist traps. Self-catering homes offer a full living space and not just somewhere to sleep, making it feel more like a home away from home where you can enjoy cooking delicious meals and late night nibbles that will in turn make it easier for you to avoid the busier restaurants and pubs.

Socially Distanced Staycation – Take advantage of off-peak times

Particularly around weekends and school holidays, family days out to the likes of parks and museums can get busy and hinder an experience that can be enjoyed in less busier times. By planning your timings, you will be free to explore the local area with ease while maintaining social distancing safely.

Socially Distanced Staycation – Select a coastal location

A holiday by the sea is a great way to enjoy the fresh air and open space while avoiding the business that is often found in more urban regions. Seaside locations such as Devon offers stunning beaches and relaxing coastal walks, making a coastal getaway perfect for families with pets and couples looking for a remote, romantic getaway. 

Socially Distanced Staycation – Choose the outdoors

Not only is a coastal holiday perfect for a peaceful escape, but the great outdoors also offers several health benefits that a city break cannot offer, such as boosting the immune system and increasing vitamin D levels. By spending your holiday days outdoors, you will also find yourself being more active, which is brilliant for heart health and is an overall mood booster.

Socially Distanced Staycation – Research alternative events and activities to enjoy

It may be tempting to visit tourist hotspots, but by looking into local activities and places to explore, this will allow you to socially distance while experiencing some of the region’s off-the-beaten-track things to enjoy, from cafes and independent shops to hidden footpaths and countryside walks.

Socially Distanced Staycation – Don’t rush

If you are struggling to keep your whole family in tow on your staycation, it can hard to enjoy the  holiday experience in already stressful times. To switch off, be sure to take time for yourself and enjoy your new surroundings by having some time alone, whether its to take a stroll on the beach and soak up the views or visit a local café for a freshly brewed coffee.

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