The Scandi Fun & Flirty Underwear Brand

Saturday 29th Jun 2024 |

ZEUS in OSLO: The fun & flirty Scandi slow fashion brand shaking up the underwear industry

Introducing ZEUS in OSLO: A brand new, London-based slow underwear brand, recently launched.

ZEUS in OSLO offers fun, flirty and super cute Scandi underwear for women wanting to gain a sense of confidence without the push up and padding that many underwear brands offer.

ZEUS in OSLO was founded by 24-year-old Marianne Mjaaland-Lewis, drawing on her Norwegian and British Heritage. Though she resides in London, Norway has always been her ‘second home’, and she has incorporated her Scandi roots into the fun yet quality designs.

Marianne says: “As a young girl I hated my body and my small boobs. So many underwear brands presented push-up and padding as a way to gain a sense of confidence.

“I wore ill-fitting push-up bras which made me feel uncomfortable and unhappy. Over time I realised that many others felt the same way.

“I decided that enough was enough and to design non padded underwear which my friends and I would want, underwear which prioritised self-love, fun and comfort. That is how ZEUS in OSLO came to life.”

Fun & Flirty Underwear

ZEUS in OSLO is proud to prioritise inclusivity and body positivity, celebrating the natural beauty of our bodies with their designs. This Scandi fashion brand brings a cheeky look to your underwear drawer, whilst offering the opportunity to wear underwear that feels perfectly fitted and comfortable under clothes.

The sets are offered in pink and black. Customers can select from a range of fun stamps, including cherries, lightning bolts, and hearts, or choose to leave their set plain. The stamps are sewn onto the sheer mesh material of each cup and at the back of the thongs. These pieces are designed to feel like a secret treat beneath your everyday clothes and make every outfit flirty. Each set is made from high quality bi-elastic mesh which is lightweight with a ‘barely there’ feel; comfortable, stretchy, moving with your body to provide the perfect fit.

Fun & Flirty Underwear

ZEUS in OSLO takes a conscious and slow approach to fashion. Mindfully produced in slow small-scale production runs in Portugal, their products prioritise quality, ethical manufacturing and minimising waste in their production processes, with mesh that is STANDARD 100 certified by OEKO-TEX® and packaging which is 100% recyclable.

Currently, sizes run from XS to XL – but this is just the beginning, as Marianne plans to expand the size range in the future.

Bringing a fresh perspective to the underwear industry, this beautiful brand is challenging traditional standards which affect many young women. ZEUS in OSLO empowers women to embrace their bodies exactly as they are.