The perfect backpack that does everything!

Wednesday 25th Nov 2020 |

We love the multifunction backpack from Stash+Stow, perfect for walking, the gym, work and travel.

The perfect backpack includes everyday essential features including mobile phone charging for on the move.

There is no doubt that this year has thrown a curve ball into all our lives. We have been made to adapt to the new world around us whilst trying to maintain a semi-normal life. 

Multi Features

We might just have something here to help with life’s daily challenges? The stash+stow backpack is ready and rearing to go whenever you are. The backpack comes with a multitude of features and the bonus is you can look great on the move. The last thing any of us need is worrying about how to fit everything in our bag. 

Health & Wellbeing

The perfect backpack

With health and wellbeing at the forefront of our minds staying fit has never been more important. Whether you’re walking to work or working out in your lunch break the wipeable shoe compartment is the perfect place to pack your trainers. Alternatively you can pack your lunch in the bottom of the bag to keep it secure – the perfect backpack! 

The bag also comes with a USB charging port and rechargeable power bank, so staying connected and in touch will never be an issue, no matter how long or varied your day is.

The Sustainable Backpack

The perfect backpack

When choosing this bag you will know you are also making a sustainable choice. The material of the bag is PU leather which is vegan and doesn’t absorb water which makes it easier to clean. The material also uses less resources to make than animal leather, adding to its sustainability. 

The Story of Stash & Stow: Or How Too Many Bags Led to a Lightbulb Moment

Ever have trouble with your bags?

We have so much stuff nowadays that it can be difficult to carry everything we need around. You need that laptop for work, right? Maybe you want to pack your gym kit. Or you’ve got a bunch of other things – that healthy lunch, your bottle of water, the yoga mat, that book you’re reading or a Kindle for the more tech savvy of you.

Once I get started, it can feel like I’m carrying half the house around with me.

My lightbulb moment came after struggling into work with a laptop bag, a bag holding my gym kit and trainers (for that lunchtime stretch and relax session), the trusty old yoga mat and my healthy lunch box. If you work in a busy city like Manchester or London, getting onto a bus or train with all that kit is a big, big struggle.

That day trying to squeeze through the door of the office with all this stuff got me thinking. What if I just had one bag that could handle everything and looked really stylish?

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