The New Miller Harris Candle Collection

Monday 06th Dec 2021 |

Introducing the new Miller Harris candle collection – the sustainable way to unwind 

 We’re delighted to announce the newly revamped candle range from Miller Harris, with six beautiful and eco-friendly scents created just in time to cosy up with for winter …

 Over the past 18 months, more and more of us have discovered the benefits of unwinding with a richly scented candle – the perfect way to de-stress and signal the end of the working day (especially if you’re working from home and find it hard to switch off once you close the laptop). And Miller Harris have capitalised on the growing popularity of home scents, with a refreshed range of six sublimely scented candles to complement their perennially popular perfumes, together with their beloved bath and body range. 

 The re-launch is timely – as we move into the colder months and the dark evenings draw in, a scented candle is the perfect way way to relax and recalibrate, whether you’re enjoying an evening in with a good book, taking a soak in the tub or hosting a cheery festive soiree with friends.  

Miller Harris Candle Collection Miller Harris Candle Collection Miller Harris Candle Collection

Drawing on the Miller Harris perfumery archives, the new scents are definitely worth discovering. Boasting a burn time of 50 hours, the six brand new blends come in improved formulations and larger sizes, while being 100% vegan and phthalate-free, and made from natural soy and rapeseed blend wax.  

 What’s so different about our revitalised candle range? 

Miller Harris Candle Collection – A bold new look 

Our candle collection has had a design refresh – with larger, heavier jars at 220g, the candles don’t just have a longer burn time but cut a dashing figure on a mantlepiece or bedside table. The vessels come in soft block colours, designed to evoke a sense of subtle style and calm in any living space, as well as filling a room with a beautiful fragrance. 

Miller Harris Candle Collection – More sustainable packaging and ingredients 

 At Miller Harris, we’re always striving to be more eco-friendly and our newly revamped candle range is no exception. Our rapeseed wax is locally grown for a smaller carbon footprint, while the soybeans that make our soy wax are renewably sourced and biodegradable. We have also removed cellophane wrap from the candles’ packaging to reduce plastic waste. 

Miller Harris Candle Collection

Miller Harris Candle Collection – A new and improved throw 

 Our gorgeous sextet of scents have been formulated for a better ‘throw’ (how well a scent fills the room) with each one expertly crafted by Miller Harris’s team of ‘noses’. Below is some more information about the six new scents… 


 Notes: Bergamot – Birch tar – Green tea. Restorative and refreshing as a decent cuppa, our ‘Tea’ candle blends black tea leaves, green tea and earl grey with energising maté, enhanced by uplifting citrus notes of bergamot. Underscored with the warmth of nutmeg and an earthy, smoky base, it’s enough to restore tranquility when you’re feeling frazzled. 


Notes: Turkish rose absolute – Blackcurrant – Cashmere musk. Rose scents have famously lifted people’s spirits throughout history, from the Wall Street Crash to WWII and this candle encapsulates that same spirit. Blending soft pink and white roses with bright fruity notes of mandarin and blackcurrant, it’s guaranteed to add some much-needed cheer to the darkest of days. 


Notes: Tobacco leaf – Patchouli – Cascarilla oil. Inspired by a walk up Boulevard Saint-Germain, heading towards the Café de Flore, this combines rich enveloping notes of tobacco leaves, with woods, sage and spices set against a backdrop of sensual, earthy patchouli. The perfect scent to curl up with on a cold evening. 


Notes: Sandalwood – Pink Pepper – Olibanum. Santal is a woody note famed for its sensual, warm and subtly sweet character. Here it’s given an added kick with pink pepper, together with earthy amber and moss notes, drying down to the rich sweetness of vanilla C02. 


Notes: Mandarin – Geranium – Herby marjoram. The perfect way to add some bright citrus cheer to your home, this candle’s fresh, zesty notes are combined with an uplifting green accord to stunning effect. The scent opens with a citrus medley of Sicilian green mandarin, grapefruit and lemon, set against an aromatic blend of marjoram and geranium, anchored by a soft base of cedar, moss and musk.  


Notes: Fig – Galbanum – Cedarwood. The rich complexity of fig is expertly captured in this beguiling blend, its sharp sweetness heightened by lush green galbanum and sensual cedarwood for a bouquet which is sublime as it is addictive and perfect for any time of year. 

 All candles are £50 each – 220g available from 

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