The Must Have Product For the Everything Bath

Thursday 18th Jan 2024 |

The ‘Everything Shower’ has become a signature step in our weekly routines, however 2024 is seeing the increase in popularity of the Everything Bath, with this elevated option on the cleansing routine being a huge trend on TikTok at the moment.

A viral Tiktok with 5.5 million views reveals that using Dr. Bronner’s Pure-castile bar soap, £6.39, in a hardcore exfoliation is the most effective way to truly deep clean our bodies to make you “feel like you’re on cloud nine”. She also explained this method will help your skin to “feel and breathe better”. 

The creator explains that this method “removed layers of dead skin, build up from body wash and lotions, also reducing “strawberry skin” and texture that we have in certain areas of our bodies. “It’s one of those things that once you do it, you can’t not do it”

Everything bath

Step 1 –  Rather than heading to a spa, the first step the creator reveals is she brings the Turkish ‘Hammam’ to her, so she uses a little heater to get her bathroom steaming hot. Remember, once the bathroom gets hot to turn your heater off before going into your bath or shower!

Step 2 –  Make sure your bathtub is full of hot water, just water and nothing else. She then says to soak in the water for a good 20 – 30 minutes before using any oils or body products.

Step 3 –  Start exfoliating your body with the exfoliation glove.

Step 4 – The creator says when finishing exfoliating your body with the glove, she washes her body with the Pure-castile bar soap with a loofah, from the marvellous Dr. Bronner. The Tiktoker claims these soaps are her “all-time favourite”.

Pure-castile bar soap, £6.39,

Dr. Bronner’s soaps are biodegradable-vegan, gentle and versatile, good for washing body, face or hair!

The All-One Hemp Rose scent is a floral and fresh soap that has a hint of sweetness, and helps with redness and soothing, perfect following exofliation. Made with certified fair-trade ingredients and organised U.S grown hemp seed oil for a truly soft, smooth lather that won’t dry your skin. Packaged in a 100% post-consumer recycled wrapper. 

Step 5 –  Finally she then goes in with the rest of her hair and body routine as normal.

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