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The global pandemic turned travellers’ plans upside down in 2020. However, when looking ahead to 2021, the impact of the pandemic is changing not just our choice of destination but also the type of trips we’re most likely to take in the coming year.

New research from digital travel leader reveals the five emerging trip types for 2021 to motivate and inspire Brits to take a trip (or five) to best fit their new found travel preferences.

In 2020, most travellers have had extended time apart from friends and family. For many it appears that distance has made the heart grow fonder as over half of Brits (51%)* plan to use future travel as an opportunity to reconnect with loved ones. In fact, while being apart, 28%* of UK travellers have revealed that talking to friends and family about traveling is one of their main inspirations behind wanting to travel again.

Where to visit and stay?

For those eager to reunite with their nearest and dearest (in a different setting other than their homes), a domestic trip is an ideal way to reconnect not only with each other but also with the wonderful charm of the UK. With plenty on offer for all age ranges, The Cotswold is perfect for a short family break or even an extended holiday. Full of quintessential British villages, traditional market towns, jaw-dropping natural beauty and some of the county’s most epic castles and palaces, there truly is something for everyone.

travel trends for 2021

After a day out exploring, the Unicorn Aparthotel Suites is a great place to wind down and lay your heads. Located in the picturesque town of Stow-on-the Wold, its spacious beautifully designed rooms, extensive facilities, shuttle services and wonderful location will ensure that your family getaway is loved by everyone

The unexpected halt to travel plans for most travellers has meant that just being able to travel at all is a luxury, with three out of four Brits (75%) pledging to not take travel for granted in the future. Surprisingly however, only 17%* are now actually planning a luxury getaway, which illustrates that just being able to get away and relax will be the real luxury of 2021, as opposed to checking in to a luxurious villa or a 5-star hotel!

Where to visit and stay?

Nothing says relaxation and finding your zen quite like a yoga retreat. Whilst the UK has plenty to offer, escaping to a warmer climate to perfect your downward dog definitely has the winning appeal. Alamos Retreat – Wellness & Yoga Boutique Hotel in Albufeira, Portugal ticks all the boxes for every keen yogi, with its garden views and excellent on-site facilities.

For those who also want to soak up the rays on one of Algarve’s many beautiful beaches, you will be pleased to hear that a number of beaches are only a short drive away, meaning that you can maximise your relaxation without any trouble.

Where to stay and visit?

With a short flight time of just over 2 hours (meaning that travel time will not eat into your days away), Stockholm is an ideal weekend escape for those craving a city break. Encompassed by water, the Swedish capital has acquired the nickname ‘Venice of the North’ and its blend of contemporary and traditional appeal makes the list of places to check out and experience endless.

travel trends for 2021

With many travellers feeling apprehensive that future travel plans could be disrupted again, there will be an increased demand for a quick trip as over half of UK travellers (52%)* want to take more shorter breaks in 2021 than they did in 2019 to minimise any disappointment. A further 32%* also revealed their preference of a weekend break for their first trip once restrictions are lifted, showing travellers’ desires to be able to escape reality, even for just a few days.

For easy access to the city centre, Downtown Camper is perfect for those who want to add a dash of quirkiness and style to their stay. With a variety of daily activities on offer, from movie nights, yoga and skateboarding lessons to a rooftop sauna, gym and pool, this property will certainly make your weekend break one to remember!

Travellers’ desire to explore the world has not diminished but traveling abroad is still being avoided by almost half of us Brits (48%*) as travel restrictions are lifted. That is why local travel is on the rise, and with culinary delights on the top of travellers’ lists, its likely that they will use this as a new way to explore the world. With taste buds at the ready, 36% * of Brits have agreed that they want to eat out more often with the money saved from not traveling abroad.

Where to stay and visit?

No matter what your culinary preference, Bristol sure has it all. From upmarket bars and Michelin starred restaurants to cosy street food cabins and cheap hideaways on the city’s little streets, you will certainly have each of your taste buds and cravings satisfied when visiting. Bristol’s rich and diverse mix of cultures is aptly reflected through its food and its abundance of independent restaurant, bars and cafes means that will be able to experience something outside of your ordinary.

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Once you have eaten to your stomach’s content, check in to SACO Bristol, which offers panoramic views of Bristol’s vibrant Harbourside. Located only a stone’s throw away from Bristol’s city centre and extensive culinary offering, you can find comfort in knowing that after you have finished indulging, you are only a short distance away from being able to sleep off your food coma. Winning!

The solo travel trend is also likely to gather even greater momentum as people’s thirst to travel, which was stymied by the pandemic, and desire to have some ‘me-time’, will nudge them to take the plunge to travel on their own in 2021. data pre-pandemic saw only 14%* of Brits were planning a trip on their own, while 23%* now say they will be planning a solo trip in the future. What’s more, 41%* of UK travellers say they want to travel more in the future to make up for travel time lost in 2020, which means this mentality is no doubt encouraging travellers to plan a solo trip of a lifetime, to get back out in the world!

Where to stay and visit?

Once borders begin to reopen and we can all start safely experiencing the world in all its glory once some of us will be eager to travel further afield. A popular region that is likely to receive continued interest is South East Asia, which is unsurprising given its stunning resorts, delicious food, and ability to have a luxurious holiday on a budget. The type of trip you are seeking will influence the countries you visit, with some famed more for its culture whilst others offer a more thriving social scene or picture-perfect beach spots.

travel trends for 2021

For those with Vietnam on their itineraries, Little Charm Hanoi Hostel is one of the bestsellers in Hanoi and popular amongst solo travellers – illustrated by its 9.7 guest rating for a one-person stay. Its handy location and range of onsite facilities will allow visitors to feel at home away from home and find some relaxing quiet time whilst only being a short distance from all the city action.

*Please check and follow all government guidance prior to travelling to any of these destinations*

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