The Eco Switch; Planet friendly beauty buys

Tuesday 25th May 2021 |

Its safe to say we are all becoming more planet conscious when it comes to our consumption, trying to find the ‘greenest’ swaps to make more planet-friendly purchases. 

We’ve rounded up our top 5 swaps to making it easier for you to make that all important Eco Switch. 

Planet friendly beauty buys – Redefining toilet time

Planet friendly beauty buys

Its time to flush.. well, unflush the wet wipes. Wet wipes are a toilets worst nightmare, with the majority of them being made with plastic resins like polyester or polypropylene. Not only are they polluting our waterways and sewers but let’s face it they look unsightly in our bathrooms too! 

Wype are offering the perfect privy solution with their Wype Eco-friendly Toilet Wipe Gel. The convenient 100ml aluminium bottle isdesigned to be good to you and the environment.This revolutionary specially formulated natural wet wipe alternative is kind to your bottom and the planet. Simply add a pump of the vegan- friendly Aloe Vera and Vitamin E enriched natural cleansing gel to regular toilet paper. Then flush the tissue, as the gel is 100% safe to flush and biodegradable – bottoms up to that!

RRP: £9.99, available from

Planet friendly beauty buys – A breath of fresh hair

If you were to count up all the shampoo bottles you threw away in a year how shocked would you be? The simplest way to stop this is to ditch the bottle, Christophe Robin have your hairs saviour with the Hydrating Shampoo Bar with Aloe Vera

RRP: £16, available from

Tackle period plastic 

Planet friendly beauty buys

Period pollution is often an aspect of our plastic footprint we don’t even consider but it should be considering the millions of plastic tampon applicators thrown away every day. Introducing DAME, the period pioneers saving the ocean one tampon at a time. The DAME Reusable Tampon Applicator is a self-sanitising, award winning design tackling period plastic. This clean and easy to use product has already saved 300 million pieces of plastic. Result!

RRP: £23.79, available from

Planet friendly beauty buys – Clean up your cotton 

Cotton swabs are seen as a bathroom essential, but these small swabs are infiltrating our oceans one single use swab at a time. Introducing LastSwab the world’s first reusable cotton swab. A no brainer switch.

RRP: £9, available from

Planet friendly beauty buys – Wave goodbye to the wipes

Makeup may be beautiful, but the disposable isn’t, with over 11 billion makeup wipes being disposed of in the UK each year. Say goodbye to the wipes and hello to Face Halo – the game changing makeup remover. Say no more to the single use.

RRP: £17.95, available from

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