The Digital Detox; An antidote to hectic city life

Wednesday 05th Aug 2020 |

Unplug & recharge with a 3-day digital detox at a beautiful off-grid cabin an hour from London

Relax. Do nothing. Do something and then return to the world completely recharged

Unplugged have launched their digital detox packages for busy city workers. Founders Hector & Ben will lock your phone away for a 3-day notification free experience at their off-grid cabins, an hour from London. The tech-free duo wants to help the “always-on” switch off from their devices and take the time to recharge themselves.

digital detox

Launched off the back of all too familiar “9-to-5 burnout”, followed by a silent retreat in the Himalayas, Hector and Ben are capturing the essence of that true off-grid lifestyle by making digital detoxes accessible for Londoners.

Hector said “I was feeling drained from the high-action working world and after seeing the time I spent in front of a screen and how often I was checking my emails in the evenings and weekends, I realised I needed a break, not just from work, but from my devices”

The Unplugged 3-day digital detoxes are experienced at their beautiful cabins that are quick to get to from the city but remote enough to truly switch off. On arrival, the Unplugged team will let you take your final snaps for the ‘gram before you say goodbye to the connected world for 72 hours as they lock away your phone.

Ben said “Whilst having your phone locked away from you might seem scary at first, once those feelings settle you really start to feel free. 3 days without another meeting invite, a last-minute email request to fix some report or aimlessly scrolling through Instagram, will not just help you recharge, it will improve your whole digital life”

All you need to bring to the cabin is food to rustle up as the cabins are kitted out with a kitchen & cooking essentials. Japanese forest bathing bathroom products are found in the cabin’s huge rainfall shower & a king-size bed next to the cabin’s enormous window with a stunning view, make their cabins the perfect place to switch off.

and then return to the world completely recharged

Plus with plenty of nature walks, a guide on things to do without your phone and “easter eggs” like the Polaroid camera & vintage cassette tape player, there’s a lot to discover during an Unplugged digital detox.

Unplugged’s ultimate goal is to get people spending less time distracted by their devices so they have the time to think, create & achieve. You can now book one of their digital detox experiences for August & September for up to 2 people at £160 per night at unplugged

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