best UK city for group getaway

The best UK cities for a group getaway

Saturday 17th Feb 2024 |

Whether you’re a large friend group on the hunt for something fun, or simply want to spend quality time with your closest confidants, a group getaway is the perfect choice.

To help plan the best getaways for every kind of friendship group, Leonardo Hotels searched the UK for the country’s best cities for group activities, spas, shopping, bottomless brunches, and nights out.

The best UK cities for a group getaway

RankCityFinal Score

Nottingham is the best city for a group getaway

Nottingham takes first place as the ultimate group getaway destination, scoring 86/100 overall. This city was found to be the best for spas and relaxation. It also makes for the perfect all-rounder, offering plenty of shops, brunches, and group activities guaranteed to keep the whole group happy.

Earning second place is London, with a score of 80/100. The capital received the highest scores in the rank for both group activities and shopping. Following just two points behind in third place is Plymouth, with a total score of 78/100.

Plymouth and Edinburgh are the best UK cities for nightlife

Plymouth and Edinburgh are the best UK cities for nightlife, with each city boasting over 40 nightclubs and 20 bars with a Google rating above four stars.

Looking at the average drink prices, Plymouth leads with the average pint costing £4.00 whilst in Edinburgh this rises to £5.00. Newcastle was revealed to be the cheapest city in the UK to buy a pint, with the average pour costing only £3.70, whereas London is the most expensive at £6.35.

Sheffield is the best city for bottomless brunches

With over 55 venues scattered across the city centre, Sheffield is the undisputed bottomless brunch capital of the UK. Top picks include popular chains such as Turtle Bay and Pitcher & Piano, as well as local hotspots such as Terrace Goods and HowSt Food & Drink.

Newcastle and Liverpool follow closely behind, with 51 venues that have a rating of 4.3 out of five stars. Glasgow also hosts 51 venues with a slightly lower average rating of 4.2 out of five.

London is the shopping capital of the UK

From famous locations such as Oxford and Regent Street to the huge Westfields shopping centres in Stratford and Kensington, London is the go-to city for shopping.

Cardiff follows in second place thanks to its diverse city centre offering, with the Capitol Centre, Queens Arcade and St David’s Dewi Sant all a walkable distance from each other.

London is the best city for overall group activities

London is also the go-to place for group activities with unique experiences such as Monopoly Lifesized, the O2 Climb, and the Tomb Raider Live Experience.

It also plays host to eight venues for axe throwing, 28 for crazy golf, and 28 for karaoke, as well as plenty of themed escape rooms to choose from.

Plymouth is an axe-throwing hotspot

Outside of London, Plymouth has the second most axe throwing facilities, with its four venues earning an average Google rating of 4.9 stars out of five. The top picks include Boom Battle Bar and TimberVault, both located within the city centre.

Following Plymouth, Leeds and Liverpool both boast three axe throwing venues with high ratings of 4.9 and 4.8 stars out of five.

Manchester is the best city for crazy golf

Outside of London, Manchester is home to the second highest number of crazy golf venues in the UK– seven venues with an average rating of 4.4 out of five. Top courses include Junkyard Golf, Treetop Golf, and Paradise Island Adventure Golf.

Newcastle, Belfast, and Glasgow all have six crazy golf venues, making excellent choices for a spot of golfing fun.

Bristol is the UK’s karaoke capital

With a perfect score of 100/100, Bristol dominates in the karaoke category, earning its title as the UK’s karaoke capital. Boasting an impressive 51 karaoke venues with an average rating of 4.3, Bristol is the perfect destination for any aspiring group of singers.

Brighton came next, with 40 karaoke venues that averaged a 4.4 rating, followed by Liverpool with 38 venues and an average rating of 4.3 out of five.

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