Supermarket Dine-In Deals

The Best Supermarket Dine-In Deals for This Valentine’s Day

Monday 12th Feb 2024 |

Love is in the air, and what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with a dinner for two? From decadent multi-course meals to curated wine pairings, supermarkets are rolling out deals to celebrate from the comfort of your home. 

Nick Drewe, Discount Expert at Wethrift, has compiled a list of the best dine-in deals you can pick up from your local supermarket, so you don’t have to break the bank to celebrate the season of love with your partner this Valentine’s Day.  

“This year, supermarkets have gone all out for Valentine’s Day, as staying in has become the new going out. As the cost of living crisis continues to put a strain on people, finding more affordable ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day is essential for many.

“For each price listed below, you can get three courses and a bottle of alcohol for two within the deal. The starting cost for said deal varies on the supermarket and is priced as follows: 

  1. Aldi – £10.86
  2. Asda – £12
  3. Sainsbury’s – £15
  4. Iceland – £15.55
  5. Morrisons – £17
  6. Tesco – £18
  7. Lidl – £19.22
  8. Waitrose – £20
  9. Co-op – £21
  10. M&S – £25

“If you don’t fancy a drink, or consider yourself more of a savoury person and want to give dessert a miss, some supermarkets offer exchangeable variables in each deal. That’s the benefit of dining at home, as you can customise the menu to suit personal preferences and dietary restrictions, it ensures your meal is both delicious and tailored to individual tastes.

“Whilst Aldi comes out on top as the cheapest for three courses and a bottle of your choice, you can still find bargains this Valentine’s Day if staying in suits you. Co-op offers a £7 pizza and prosecco deal as a cheaper alternative. Similarly, Tesco offers a meal for £12 if you opt for no starter.

“The price for each deal can vary for members, as supermarkets offer this incentive to entice customers to become loyal shoppers. For more information about special offers and Valentine’s product ranges, visit your local supermarket’s website to find out more.”

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