The Best Party Drinks for 2023: Pre-mixed cocktails, alcohol-free spirits and shroom-infused sodas

Tuesday 19th Dec 2023 |

The festive season is upon us once again and if you’re throwing a gathering and need some tips on newness when it comes to party drinks, you’re in the right place. Handy small-batch cocktail pouches, alcohol-free spirits, energy tonics and toffee-flavoured vodka ideal for shots are all present and correct, guaranteeing every type of guest will leave your soiree singing your praises. 

Soho Street Cocktails 

Pre-mixed cocktails rarely come close to the real thing. Still, Soho Street has nailed the formula with its multi-award-winning small-batch craft cocktail collection. We tried out their Espresso Martini and found it reassuringly potent, packing both a nice kick of caffeine from the cold brew coffee alongside the smoothness of the vodka and caramel liqueur. 

With a Pornstar Martini, Cosmopolitan, Pina Colada, and Strawberry Daiquiri also available, these fridge-friendly pouches are guaranteed to go down a storm at your party. Pick up a pouch containing 10 servings for £28.99 here

Mavrik Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

Teetotallers no longer need to miss out on all the fun with Mavrik’s tempting range of non-alcoholic cocktails. Highlights from their inspired selection include a lively Cuban Mojito with refreshing mint and lime, and the warming Storm & Spice with its take on a classic Bermudan rum cocktail.

Pick up their perfectly mixed serves for as little as £9.75 here

BZZD Energy Honey Tonic Water

Whether you’re looking for an alcohol-free buzz or a caffeine kick in your G&T, BZZD makes for an excellent choice. Crafted using blossom honey, plant-based Stevia and of course, caffeine, this subtly sweet tonic tastes just as good on its own as it does in your favourite cocktail. 

Get 8 cans of BZZD Energy Tonic Water for just £5.49 from your local Selfridges

Pentire Non-Alcoholic Spirit

Cornish brand Pentire has been making waves across the alcohol-free landscape with their wonderfully complex spirits. We gave the bright and zesty Seaward a blast, which goes remarkably well with Fever Tree’s Mediterranean Tonic Water and a slice of fresh grapefruit. Botanicals include sea rosemary, woodruff, sea buckthorn, wild seaweed and pink grapefruit, creating one of the most unique spirits we’ve tasted. 

Grab a bottle directly from Pentire for as little as £23.63 here


CleanCo is one of the most established alcohol-free brands around, and also the one that helped me get through dry January earlier this year with their excellent rum alternative. This time around, we mixed up their mock tequila and found ourselves impressed once again. Whilst we didn’t find it to taste close to our favourite tequila if we’re being honest, its mix of subtle fruit flavours and peppery dry finish was incredibly moreish and mixed well with both tonic and ginger beer. 

Another exceptional addition to the range. Grab a bottle from CleanCo for just £16

Thunder Toffee Vodka 

Having taken the apres ski scene by storm, the dangerously moreish Thunder Toffee Vodka is now available in stores across the UK. As someone who usually avoids the sweeter end of the spirit spectrum, I have to say I found this smooth and creamy toffee-infused vodka incredibly addictive. Designed for shots, this 29.9% ABV tipple is the ultimate way to get your guests all lively. Keep it in the freezer and serve ice cold. 

Pick up a bottle for just £23 here

jAGA Sodas

Mushroom-infused drinks are everywhere right now, from coffee to hot chocolate and everything in between. jAGA are hands down the tastiest you’ll find and no – they taste nothing like shrooms. Instead, these light and refreshing sparkling sodas come in flavours ranging from Mixed Berry and Watermelon to Pomelo & Passionfruit, as well as my personal favourite – Mexican Lime & Mint. 
Packed with an uplifting blend of reishi and cordyceps functional mushrooms alongside ashwagandha, magnesium, L’Tryptophan and L’Theanine, these calming sodas taste great on ice. And, whilst they don’t advertise this in their marketing, they also go great with tequila. Don’t tell them I said that. Pick up a mixed case for £20 here.