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The Best Dr.Bronner’s Soap Scents For Skin Types

Tuesday 25th Jun 2024 |

Dr Bronner’s Pure Castile Liquid Soap is a simple, classic, and incredibly versatile option for cleansing, with many scents to choose from, made with organic vegetable oils such as coconut, olive, and palm kernel oils, it is ideal for all, including babies and those with sensitive skin.

Its Pure Castile Liquid Soap is exceptionally great for clean rinsing, with minimal ingredients that make it suitable for easily irritated skin. However, Because everyone is unique, its important to understand that it can be challenging to find the right scent and type for each person, especially if they have sensitivities. That’s why Dr.Bronner’s encourage customers to be mindful that individual reactions can vary.

Mild Scents for Dry, Sensitive Skin

The mildest option is the Unscented. It contains no essential oils and has double the amount of olive oil compared to other scents, making it extra gentle for the skin. This soap is ideal for those with sensitive or very dry skin or for those who prefer to add their own essential oil blend.

Almond and Rose scents (available only in Castile Soaps) are also gentle on sensitive or dry skin.

Neutral Scents for Balanced Skin

Citrus, Lavender, and Tea Tree scents are suitable for skin that’s not too dry or oily. Research shows that tea tree essential oil is particularly beneficial for balancing the skin and combating bacteria, fungal infections, and acne.

Stronger Scents for Oily Skin

Dr.Bronner’s Soap

Peppermint and Eucalyptus essential oils, containing menthol and eucalyptol respectively, are invigorating and help clear congestion. Eucalyptus was once recommended for acne treatment before Tea Tree became the preferred option. Peppermint is especially cooling on hot days or after physical activity, as menthol activates cold receptors in the skin. However, menthol can increase transepidermal water loss, making these scents less suitable for sensitive or dry skin.

Dr.Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap, RRP starts from: £9.99, available at https://www.drbronner.co.uk/

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