The Beauty of Eczema™; Skincare gifts under £22

Friday 27th Nov 2020 |

The Beauty of Eczema™ skincare range has been created to put the fun back into pampering, whatever your skin type.

It’s an ideal Christmas gift for everyone as products have been dermatologically tested for even the most sensitive skin.

Even if you have sensitive skin or suffer from skin flare ups, users can benefit from the soothing and sumptuous ingredients that are included in the The Beauty of Eczema™ range.

Crystal Extracts

As well as highly moisturising natural butters, the range is supercharged with the holistic benefits of crystal extracts. Rhodochrosite is a pink crystal, which has been used throughout history to encourage emotional healing, self-love and compassion, while Smithsonite – the stone for tranquillity – is used to help create serenity and calm. 


Products also contain BioEcolia® which encourages the development of beneficial skin flora (the good bacteria) that leads to a healthy balance on the skin. 

Good sugar!

Patented ingredient ‘Rhamnosoft®’ is a fermented sugar-based ingredient which protects and soothes. It is scientifically proven to boost skin comfort, with data to show that it stimulates pleasure molecules through a chemical reaction. The ultimate ingredient for happy skin!

The range is also Vegan friendly (and no cruelty to animals with this range!) and, unlike many products for sensitive skin, botanically scented but gentle enough to not irritate the skin.

Developed by acclaimed influencer and wellness author Camille Knowles, Camille has worked with a leading skincare formulation expert and called on her 15,000 strong ‘Warrior Tribe’ social media community to gather insights into exactly what people with sensitive skin need from their daily skincare. 

All products in the range have been carefully crafted to work beautifully together.

The Beauty of Eczema™ Calming Cream, face and body moisturiser, is £12 (100ml) or £20 (200ml) available from  

The Beauty of Eczema™ Skin Warrior Wash, face and body wash is £15 available from  

The Beauty of Eczema

The Beauty of Eczema™ Pamper Me Bathing Oil, is £22, available from  

The Beauty of Eczema

The Beauty of Eczema™ Salty Soother, bath salts, is £15 available from   

The Beauty of Eczema

Create a beautiful Christmas gift set with all products in the range (from £72). 

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