The Beauty Gadget we love for 2021

Monday 22nd Mar 2021 |

The brand new mini coolers come in stunning Scandi and chic Retro designs, and are the perfect appliance for keeping skincare products fresh, extending their shelf life and reducing potentially harmful bacteria

Russell Hobbs, one of the UK’s most recognisable household brands, has launched a new range of compact coolers for 2021. The range, available in Scandi and Retro designs, and in two size options (4L and 14L), gives shoppers a perfect place to store their skincare essentials, helping to keep them fresher for longer, in a super stylish way.

The Scandi style offers a choice of chic grey gloss or minimal white gloss, both complete with a wood-effect finish, and is inspired by the clean lines and natural textures of Scandinavian design. The Retro style beauty gadget is available in black and white options, with a sleek gloss body, streamlined retro curves and chrome accents inspired by iconic 1950s interior styles.

Beauty Gadget

The perfect addition to your bedroom or dressing rooms, these mini coolers are designed to fit neatly into small spaces and offer the ultimate storage solution for lovers of cosmetics. With 4L or 14L options, there is flexibility to fit a range of products inside, and there’s even a handy pocket on the inner door, perfect for storing face and eye masks. The compact, yet chic designs mean the coolers won’t look out of place on you dressing table, and a super lightweight body and foldable carry handle makes for easy transportation from room to room.

Russell Hobbs has teamed up with Lesley Reynolds, Co-Founder of the Harley Street Clinic, and Megan Bulmer, Professional Makeup Artist and owner of Bulmer Beauty to get their expert opinion on the benefits of using a mini cooler for storing skincare and beauty products, as well as giving us some of their top skincare tips for 2021!

The Beauty Gadget we adore – Why is it important to keep skincare products cool?

Beauty Gadget

“Many products degrade at a faster rate when exposed to warm, dry conditions.” Comments Lesley Reynolds. “Using a cooler can extend the lifespan of products and protect them from damage caused by certain conditions, such as steam, which can accelerate the growth of mould.

“Alongside this, products such as eye creams, gels, serums, sheet masks, and after sun are best applied cool, as cold temperatures tighten blood vessels, which reduces swelling, making them more effective. I’d recommend keeping natural products in a cooler environment, especially products containing vitamin C.”

Megan adds: “Eye creams and aloe vera gels are great skincare products to keep cooled. Applying aloe vera gel cold onto sun damaged skin can relieve inflammation, and under eye creams can reduce puffiness whilst cooling the eye area for a refreshing feeling.”

The Beauty Gadget we adore – What products should we avoid storing in a cooler?

Megan says we should “avoid storing powder products in refrigerated areas as moisture can damage the consistency, and coat powders with a cakey layer.”

Lesley backs this up saying: “Makeup doesn’t show any benefits from being refrigerated and can also become harder to use.”

The Beauty Gadget we adore – What are the top skincare tips for 2021?

“Getting to know your skin type is so important. If you have oily skin, you’ll want to avoid heavy products, whereas it’s the reverse for those with dry skin. Use a skin-brightening serum in your morning routine to deliver a concentrated shot of active ingredients. Also, always remember SPF! Sunscreen is so important all year round to reduce exposure to harmful UV rays which speed up the ageing process.” Comments Lesley.

Beauty Gadget

Megan says, “Always start with a cleanser, then move on to exfoliation, toner, serum and finally a moisturiser, before heading on to makeup. I also like to do my eye makeup first, this means if any eyeshadow falls underneath my eye, I can wipe it away before beginning my complexion. It’s also extremely important to remove makeup correctly to avoid enlarged pores. Exfoliation can help remove dead skin cells, whilst the cleanser will remove stubborn makeup for that clean, fresh feeling!”

Mark Ogden, Head of Product at G2S Limited, commented on the launch: “We are delighted to unveil the new Mini Cooler range. Created for style-conscious individuals with versatile lifestyles, the chic Scandi and bold Retro designs are perfect to suit a range of tastes and interior styles and offer a number of fantastic features as well.”

“Space-saving, portable and versatile, these mini coolers really do exceed performance expectations without compromising on a sought after, statement look. Perfect for storing serums and skincare products and keeping them fresher for longer, we think they’ll be the must have appliance for all beauty lovers this year.”

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