Anti Ageing skincare products for your hands

Wednesday 14th Apr 2021 |

It’s been a hell of a year and the effects of the pandemic are widespread from our mental health to our physical appearance. Our skin has definitely bared some of the the brunt of Covid, central heating, harsh winter weather and face masks have not been kind to our faces – but what about our poor hands?

All of the hand washing, sanitising and chemicals our hands have been subjected to for the last 12 months have taken their toll and many are suffering with dry, cracked skin which can lead to premature ageing.

We have rounded up our favourite anti ageing skincare products specially formulated to restore some moisture and radiance to your long suffering hands!

Anti Ageing skincare – Ultrasun Anti-pigmentation Hand Cream SPF25 – Targeted protection for a neglected ‘tell-tale’ area 

The  hands are often a neglected area of protection from the elements and yet one of the earliest areas to show spot sun damage and ageing. This product offers high protection from both UVA and UVB with powerful targeted skincare actives. In addition to high UV protection, this new hand formula contains:

  • Lipoid’s SLM Skin Lipid Matrix® technology –  helps to maintain and restore the skin’s natural protective barrier. SLM nourishes the skin with its unique combination of essential skin lipids.
  • Hydro-GainTM:  A complex that combines moisturizing lipophilic extracts from birch bark and barbary fig oil with regenerating hydrogenated lecithin.
  • Liposomally encapsulated niacinamide to help protect from sun spots (melasma) and pigmentation

Anti Ageing skincare – Dermatology M Run Zu Shui Gao Nourishing Hand & Foot Cream (£42, 50ml) 

Powerfully nourishing and smoothing, this multi-use rich skin treat for the hands and feet instantly soothes and rehydrates cracked, dry or dehydrated skin to restore softness and comfort.

A botanical blend of natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids gently exfoliates dry, dead skin cells, while Liquorice Root Extract and Urea deeply moisturises and soften, and Vitamin A and Bisabolol soothe. Skin cell renewal is stimulated, discomfort is alleviated and smoother, brighter and beautifully conditioned skin emerges.

Anti Ageing skincare – Dr Sophie’s Rejuvenating Hand Rescue

For those who prefer to treat themselves at home, Dr Sophie has created a kit that includes an at-home peel ideal for hands and a cream that should be generously applied and left on to penetrate as a mask.

Featuring Peel 2 Glow Brightening & Filling – a two-step ampule application, this product dissolves dead skin and brightens the skin ready for the application of the hand mask. NeoStrata Bionic Cream is then applied like a mask (a thick layer) and bambo gloves are provided to cover the hands and keep the cream in place. The product should be left to penetrate the skin for 20 minutes.

Cost: £110 – enough product for 6 applications / 20 minutes

Results – People can expect an immediate improvement and can maintain the results with regular treatments (ideally once a week). This treatment is ideal for those who prefer an at-home treatment and require less dramatic results.

Anti Ageing skincare – Pellamex

Pellamex is the world’s first ingestible food supplement for dry, sensitive and eczema-prone skin. Combining natural ingredients and cutting-edge science to maintain and restore a healthy skin barrier and moisturise skin from the inside out. Developed by renowned skin biologists at the University of Manchester’s Dermatological Centre, the active ingredient, l-histidine, is a natural amino acid which acts as a key building block for filaggrin, a crucial skin barrier protein. New research links ageing skin with decreased filaggrin, so Pellamex enables you to take back control and transform dry, irritated and sensitive skin on your hands, reversing signs of ageing.

Anti Ageing skincare – DermaQuest’s GlycoBrite

Specifically formulated to address ageing concerns on the hands and body, DermaQuest’s GlycoBrite tackles everything from sun spots and wrinkles to loss of elasticity.

Boasting a 10% Glycolic Acid formula, this treatment cream accelerates skin cell turnover for an instantly more youthful appearance. Harnessing the brightening benefits of Shiitake Mushroom Extract – a natural alternative to Hydroquinone – it lifts and lightens pigment to diminish the appearance of pesky age spots. The combination of DermaPep Peptides and Sea Fennel Plant Stem Cells help furthereven out skin tone while locking in moisture, leaving skin feeling velvety smooth, toned and bright.

Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Hand Cream, £19

Regenerating Hand Cream provides effective protection with every application, strengthening the skin’s resistance right to the fingertips. Our intensive skin care product for demanding and mature skin may absorb quickly, but the long-lasting silky smooth feeling and the warm scent of Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Hand Cream lasts throughout the day. This richly nourishing composition is able to promote the regenerative power of your skin.

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