Thanda Island; The Island of Endless Possibilities

Sunday 25th Feb 2024 |

With the surge in adventure tourism, exemplified by a remarkable 750% rise in family adventure holidays over the past five years, Thanda emerges as an unparalleled destination with endless opportunities. Nestled within Tanzania’s Shungimbili Island Marine Reserve, Thanda Island , the world’s only exclusive-use private island surrounded by a protected marine reserve, is a place where dreams become a reality.

In line with the discerning travelers desire to truly connect and harness authentic experiences from the places they visit, Thanda’s warm community of staff make guests fall in love with the destination by curating an itinerary of once-in-a-lifetime activities to be enjoyed in complete privacy, within this adventurous paradise.

Thanda Island

Whether it’s enjoying a bird’s eye view with a tour in Thanda’s own helicopter, relaxing in the traditional copper bath on the most a secluded part of the island, or diving with majestic whale sharks, on Thanda Island, the sky is the limit.

The only private Island surrounded by a private marine reserve, Thanda provides unbeatable diving experiences for guests hoping to get acquainted with the rich marine life of East Africa. Believing one of the most emotional and spectacular ocean wonders you can ever experience is being up close with a Whale Shark, Thanda offers guests the extraordinary opportunity to experience these beautiful creatures up close with Marine Biologist, Riaan Laan, either by swimming alongside them, or admiring them from a luxury vessel.

For further exploration of the tropical waters, guests can head to the boathouse to get geared up for a variety of water sports, whether it be jet skiing, wakeboarding, kayaking, paddle boarding or snorkelling.

Additionally, guests can kitesurf around the island in the company of a professional, for an adrenaline-pumping activity that allows guests to immerse themselves and connect with the extraordinary surroundings.

As a gateway to East Africa, Thanda is the perfect location for discovering the culture and experiences of this incredible part of the world. Guests can take a short trip to Zanzibar to explore the islands’ legendary history as the center of the spice trade and discover the old city of Stone Town, or take an excursion to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania’s thriving harbour capital, to delve into the culture of the mainland at its bustling markets, observing its colourful mix of African, Arabic, Indian, British and German architecture via the 82-foot M/Y Sea Leopard yacht or board the private helicopter.

Upon returning to the island, guests can enjoy a myriad of activities ranging from lively tennis and volleyball matches to serene Island bird walks along white sand trails to encounter the white, grey and black Egrets. Treasure hunts are also offered, providing yet another avenue for fun-filled exploration especially for children.

Thanda Island

Those wishing to drift off and relax can attend yoga classes in the oceanfront pavilion, indulge in a traditional copper bath at sunset and enjoy unlimited wellness rituals during their stay.  

To relax even further, guests can enjoy a copper bath on the Island’s most secluded part of the beach spa treatments on offer. At lunch and dinner, guests gather in the villa’s patio or directly on the beach and experience themed food parties such as a traditional Swahili feast and sip drinks around the clock

Thanda, meaning love in Zulu, offers endless experiences limited only by the realms of imagination, for both guests and members of the local community. 

Deeply committed to making a meaningful difference and investing in local communities, Thanda Island promotes educational programmes on sustainable fishing and marine conservation in partnership with local organisations to the people of Mafia Island. Thanda offers career opportunities as well as economic upliftment programmes and sporting activities to actively contribute to a brighter future for Mafia’s youngest generation.

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