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Syzygy Sister; Super self care subscription box

Monday 06th Jul 2020 |

The Subscription Box from Syzygy Sister to Shop Now and Update Your Self-Care Regime

Take the stress out of the day; reinvigorate your self-care regime with the self-love subscription box to try now.

As the summer holidays unfold and so much feels uncertain – it’s the perfect time to ditch the holiday what ifs and make a positive change: a pact of self-care. Take time to give yourself some much-needed attention and prioritise it monthly with the Syzygy Sister self-love subscription
box thoughtfully curated by sisters.

Syzygy Sister

Syzygy Sister inspire women to rekindle their relationship with themselves, through monthly deliveries of 5-6 luxury products from emerging brands with a self-love intention. Sending a unique mix of self-care goodies that are designed to bring happiness into everyday life, it’s no wonder this highly rated box has seen glowing reviews and rise in subscriptions amidst COVID-

After collectively working for the events and well-being industry, the co-founders behind Syzygy sister, Tanya Ashfaq and Carlene Belfrage, say they spotted a gap in the market for women who are seeking the tools and most importantly the time, to feel loved and appreciated in their busy

‘We are thrilled to be sending compliments every month to women through the power of the gift experience, to get them to truly own and celebrate who they are. We don’t send you a gift that lives in the back of the kitchen drawer, or sample size products that are almost like a tease, we make monthly offerings feel personal. We do self-care for you. That is why sister is in our name, they’re the ones who get you right?’

Each box includes a variety of products to help you feel pampered and nourished. So, what better way to indulge in a self-care regime than getting a box full of crystals, beauty products, aromatherapy, books, and more indulgent tools delivered to your door each month. Each box also includes access to their newsletter which guides you through using the products to create a safe and sacred space at home. Every product is superbly placed to gently remind yourself that, ‘me time’ matters.

Syzygy Sister

The sisters also pride themselves on making sure every box is personal, and the opening is almost a ritual itself. When opening a Syzygy Sister box, you will be greeted with flowers and a hand-written calligraphy message that lifts the spirits and feel like compliments in a box. Individuals can also indulge in their products at virtual sister circles – beautifully led by the
sister duo who hold qualifications in teaching yoga and special effects from London College of Fashion. They work with local yoga studios from their base in Essex to deliver yoga and creative workshops.

A monthly subscription is £39 and this can be cancelled at any time. Enjoy the power of the Syzygy Sister self-love subscription box

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