Sweet and Savoury Recipes with St Pierre Brioche

Sunday 12th Jul 2020 |

Bring a deliciously simple touch of Parisian chic to your picnics with St Pierre’s light and buttery brioche.

Making the perfect base for a variety of sweet and savoury dishes, the St Pierre Brioche range compliments a range of ingredients from cooked meats, to cheeses, roasted vegetables, chutneys and pickles, as well as jam and cream.

With many of us staying home this summer, why not recreate the holiday feeling by bringing a taste of Paris to your picnics with these quick and tasty recipes:

Club Sandwich

St Pierre Brioche

This classic favourite has a Parisian twist thanks to St Pierre’s soft, buttery brioche – Serves 3


6 slices St Pierre Sliced Brioche Loaf


Sliced tomato

Sliced avocado

Cooked chicken, sliced

Crispy bacon


1½ tsp black pepper (optional)


Top a slice of brioche with lettuce, sliced tomato and sliced avocado. Then add the cooked chicken and crispy bacon and sprinkle with black pepper

Spread ½ tsp of mayonnaise on the next slice of brioche and lay, mayo-side down on top

Repeat the process to make two more sandwiches

Serve and enjoy

Loaded Deli Sandwich

Using a selection of your favourite cured meats and cheeses, you can create your ultimate brioche baguette – perfect to share with a loved one – Serves 1


1 St Pierre Pre-cut Brioche Soft Baguette

Sliced cheese

Sliced meats



Open up the brioche soft baguette and spread with butter

Add a selection of your favourite sliced meats and sliced cheeses

Choose the salad toppings you’d like

Close the baguette, slice in half and enjoy

Roasted Vegetable Baguette

St Pierre Brioche

The combination of roasted vegetables paired with soft, buttery brioche makes the perfect meat-free roll for your picnics – Serves 2


2 St Pierre Pre-cut Brioche Soft Baguette

1 tbsp olive oil

1 courgette, sliced

2 mixed coloured peppers, such as red and yellow, cut into chunks

1 red onion, cut into slices

Mixed salad leaves

Sliced mozzarella


Heat the oven to 200C/180C Fan. Mix the oil with the courgette, red and yellow peppers and red onion in a bowl. Tip into a roasting tin and then roast for 30 minutes.

Allow roasted veg to cool and open up the brioche soft baguettes

Add mixed leaves, sliced mozzarella and roasted vegetables

Close the baguette, slice in half and serve 


St Pierre Brioche

These Brioche Cupcakes are quick, easy and delicious, making them ideal for an impromptu picnic – Serves 6


6 St Pierre Brioche Swirls / St Pierre Brioche Swirls with Chocolate Chips

Buttercream frosting (either homemade or shop bought)


Arrange each individual brioche swirl on a plate

Top with buttercream frosting

Sprinkle your favourite decorations on top

Serve in minutes!

Afternoon Tea

St Pierre Brioche

A Parisian twist on the classic British afternoon tea using St Pierre’s Tear & Share Brioche; just add tangy raspberry jam and light, whipped cream to create this showstopper – Serves 8


St Pierre Tear & Share Vanilla Brioche

3 tbsp raspberry jam

300ml whipped cream


Take the whole tear & share brioche, and slice in half, horizontally

Place the top half to one side, and heap several spoons of jam onto the bottom half

Spread the jam out, and then add the cream on top

Spread the cream out, and replace the top half

Slice and serve

The St Pierre brioche range is available from the bakery aisle in Tesco Supermarkets and Convenience Stores nationwide.  

The full range of brioche products includes Brioche Burger Buns (6-pack) RRP: £2.49, Brioche Burger Buns with Sesame Seeds (4-pack) RRP: £2.19 , Brioche Hot Dog Rolls (6-pack) RRP: £2.19, Soft Brioche Baguettes (4-pack) RRP: £2.29, Sliced Brioche Loaf RRP: £3.29, Brioche Rolls (8-pack) RRP: £2.19, Tear & Share Brioche RRP: £3.59

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