Sunless tanning tips from the experts at Green People

Friday 23rd Apr 2021 |

With sunnier days and lighter evenings on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about that summer glow. Whether you’re after a hint of pre-holiday colour or want to ease yourself into bare-leg season, Green People are the perfect choice for a natural, radiant sun kissed glow.

Pioneers of organic beauty and skincare products since 1997, Green People were instrumental in founding the first standards in natural and organic cosmetics. Founded with the belief that nature and science should work in harmony, the award-winning products are formulated without artificial fragrances, parabens or harsh additives.

Namely, the Green People fake tan range is packed with pure plant oils such as Olive Fruit oil and Rosehip oil which promote soft, healthy skin. Certified organic, quick drying and non-streaky and finished with a gentle, natural scent, these formulas will give you a beautiful sun-kissed glow in an instant.

Sunless tanning – The Gradual Tan Moisturiser – £18.50 (50ml)

Sunless tanning tips

For a natural looking glow without the effort, Green People’s Gradual Tan Moisturiser is a must. Formulated with organic rosehip, green tea and prebiotics, used daily it will build up a natural tan on the face and neck. Perfect for all skin types, even sensitive and acne-prone complexions, it uses Dihydroxyacetone derived from sugars which work with amino acids in the outer layer of the skin to form an even brown colour. A natural scent of mandarin, orange and ho wood means you won’t have to put up with the dreaded ‘fake tan odour’.

Sunless tanning – The Self Tan Lotion – £23.00 (150ml)

Sunless tanning tips

Non-streaky, sweet-smelling and certified organic too, Green People’s Self Tan Lotion is a fast-absorbing formula that will leave you with a natural looking tan after just 2-3 hours. Suitable for both face and body, when applied, DHA (Dehydroxyacetone), derived from sugar, reacts with Amino Acids in the outer layer of the skin to form brown pigments that give the appearance of a natural suntan.  Even better, it’s quick-drying and there’s not a hint of fake-tan smell either.

When it comes to fake tan prep, exfoliation is key. After cleansing, use a loofah or dry brush across the body and use a facial cloth or scrub for your face. Rinse well and pat dry and moisturise well, paying special attention to bony areas such as elbows, ankles, heels and knees. Apply your lotion in thin layers, using less on thicker skin. To avoid uneven darkening, use a wet cotton pad to remove excess cream from bony areas. After applying, wait 20-30 minutes for it to completely dry before dressing and try not to swim, shave or shower for an hour after. We recommend applying every 2-3 days to maintain the colour.

Charlotte Vøhtz, founder of Green People and expert in organic beauty shares her top tips on the best ways to apply natural fake tan lotion and how key ingredients work to give you a healthy, natural glow.

Sunless tanning tips

These tips can help you achieve a smooth and even look to help you get best result from your sunless tanning products:

  • Prepare the skin with thorough cleansing, then exfoliate thoroughly using a loofah or dry brushing to avoid uneven colour application. Take care when exfoliating your face – use a facial micro-fibre cloth or a gentle facial scrub
  • Rinse your skin well and pat dry
  • Moisturise well, especially bony areas such as elbows, ankles, heels and knees
  • Apply Self Tan Lotion to your skin in thin layers wherever you want colour, using less on thicker skin, as colour stays longer in these areas
  • To avoid uneven darkening, use a wet cotton pad of damp flannel to remove excess cream from bony areas such as elbows, ankles, heels and knees
  • To avoid tanned palms, wash your hands immediately afterwards
  • After applying sunless tanning lotion, wait 20-30 minutes for it to dry before you get dressed.
  • Avoid shaving, showering or swimming for at least an hour after application
  • Reapply regularly (every two or three days) to maintain the colour

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