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Summer vacation 2024: Everything you need to know about the new travel rules

Monday 15th Jan 2024 |

As the winter holidays pass, excitement for the summer vacation of 2024 ignites. However, pay attention, as a wave of significant changes in travel rules is announced, affecting not only travelers from the UK but also international ones. Let’s take a look at these updates that will shape our travel experience.

Changes in British Airports

A new chapter is being written in the story of carry-on luggage for passengers traveling through UK airports. By June 2024, these airports are set to implement advanced security technologies that will allow travelers to carry up to two liters of liquids in their hand luggage. A change that will make our lives easier, right? London City Airport is already riding the wave with these new technologies, but until full implementation, the current rules – liquids up to 100 ml – remain in effect.

new travel rules

And it doesn’t stop there. Attention, British passport holders! Your passport must be less than 10 years old on the day of departure and have at least three months of validity after returning. Prepare also for more changes in the visa regime internationally. An Automated Entry/Exit System (EES) will be launched in the fall of 2024 for non-EU citizens visiting EU countries. This is a big step towards modernizing and securing borders.

Favorite vacation destinations face tax increases in 2024

In a move that surprised many travel enthusiasts, several top tourist destinations, including Barcelona, Valencia, Venice, and Amsterdam, have announced increases or introductions of tourist taxes. These changes are part of a broader initiative to balance the benefits of tourism with the effects on the environment and local communities.

Venice, with its picturesque canals, will impose an entry fee of 5 euros for one-day visitors. Amsterdam, the city of bicycles and canals, is not far behind, increasing the hotel room tax to 12.5% of the nightly rate. So, if you’re planning a getaway to these wonderful cities, it’s good to have some extra money on hand.

new travel rules

In Barcelona, a city famous for its unique architecture and vibrant nightlife, authorities have decided to increase the tourist tax starting in April 2024. This measure aims to attract quality tourism and manage the massive flow of visitors. Not far away, in Valencia, a city known for its rich history and colorful festivals, a variable tourist tax will be introduced, between 50 cents and 2 euros per night.

For tourists planning to visit these locations in 2024, it is essential to be aware of these additional costs and adjust their travel budgets accordingly. Although these additional fees may seem inconvenient, they are part of a broader effort to ensure that cities and countries can maintain their beauty and quality of life, both for locals and visitors.

How to deal with flight delays and cancellations

Since any vacation brings unforeseen events, it is important to keep in mind that flight delays and cancellations are a daily reality, and we need to know how to manage these situations and what our rights are.

According to European regulations, if a flight is delayed long enough or canceled, passengers may be entitled to compensation ranging from 250 to 600 euros, depending on the flight distance. It’s important to keep your travel documentation and be aware of the terms and conditions of your ticket. In this process, the AirClaim platform can act as a reliable ally, facilitating access to your rights and supporting you in obtaining the due compensation.

As we prepare for the summer adventures of 2024, let’s not forget the importance of staying informed and adapting our travel plans according to the new rules and restrictions. Vacations are about freedom and joy, but also about responsibility and preparation. Let’s make sure our travel experiences are as enjoyable and worry-free as possible.

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