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Summer Skincare; Get Your Skin Summer Ready

Thursday 02nd Jul 2020 |

For many people, summer brings excitement, and whilst our summer days are bound to be very different this year, it’s likely that your summer skincare routine will need a little more TLC. 

Even if you’re only going out once a day, sitting in the garden or spending time exercising in a warm apartment, it doesn’t take long for the heat to affect your skin. 

Whether it’s dry skin, cracked heels or sun exposure, these ailments will likely still affect your summer skincare and it’s important to remember to take care of your skin so that it can be protected and look its best. With these products, you can enjoy your time outdoors and have glowing healthy skin to show off to everyone (on video call!).

Summer skincare – Stay Hydrated

The heat that summer brings can cause skin to dry out. Just like the importance of drinking water, it’s also crucial to moisturise your skin to keep it hydrated. Finding the right moisturiser will make your skin look and feel refreshed whether you’re sunbathing in your garden or working out at home.

Dermatologist, Dr Mary Sommerlad says, “Oats are high in anti- oxidants and anti- inflammatories which fight cell damage which help combat the effects of ageing, such as dry skin and wrinkles. Applying oats to the skin can be an effective way of reducing itching, especially if associated with an underlying skin condition.”

Cetraben Natural Oatmeal Cream (£8.99 for 190g, Boots) contains Colloidal Oatmeal which is clinically proven to improve skin dryness and itchiness caused by the heat. This cream promises 24 hour moisturisation for dry, sensitive and eczema-prone skin meaning that your skin will be fresh all day.

Summer skincare – Sun Protection

We all know the importance of sun cream in the summer, but this is something that should be applied throughout the year to protect your skin. In the winter, applying sun cream daily is sufficient but in the summer, this should be applied regularly throughout the day. Make sure that even if you’re lounging in your garden for half an hour, you are applying sun cream to your exposed skin.

For fast and easy application and even coverage, apply Solero Sun Allergy Prevention Spray (200ml for £7, Lloyds Pharmacy). This sprays provides a protective layer on the skin that offers protection against UV-A and UV-B radiation. Suitable for those with sun-sensitive skin, this spray is great for treating and preventing blisters, redness or itching. 

Summer skincare – Smell Fresh

Try Manuka Honey & Oil Double Action Deodorant (£5.99 for 50ml, Melora) for a natural and protective deodorant. The antimicrobial properties in Mānuka Honey and Mānuka Oil help protect and deodorise your skin. Natural softening extracts Vulgare (Barley) Leaf and Wheat Leaf Extract acts as a skin-conditioning agent, smoothing and conditioning the skin.

Summer skincare – Don’t Forget Your Feet

After months of having your feet snuggled in boots and sneakers you may now be wearing flip-flops or sandals or spending more time bare foot padding around the house. The heat and lack of support can cause your feet to dry out more which can cause cracked heels and callused skin.

Thankfully, you can wake up with soft, healthy looking feet with Flexitol Intense Overnight Foot Cream (RRP £6.99). Packed full of skin loving ingredients, including 30% Urea, it is clinically proven to intensively moisturise the feet’s dry, hard and rough skin while you sleep. Your feet will be restored to their former selves in no time!

Summer skincare – Refresh and Cleanse

Cleansing is an important part of any skin care routine, but in the summer it’s important to switch it up to match the new climate.

Celebrity make-up artist Julia Carta says, “The best skincare tip I can give is to double cleanse twice daily. This ensures all make-up, dirt and grime is removed leaving skin glowing, supple and hydrated, ready to repair as you sleep. Always opt for an ultra-hydrating cleanser such as Cetraben Daily Cleansing Cream as it will help soothe and balance the skins pH levels without irritating or leaving it feeling dry, tight and itchy.

Cetraben Daily Cleansing Cream is available at Boots for £7.99 for 200g.

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