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Styling Sportswear: Items to Incorporate into Your Wardrobe and Ones to Avoid 

Wednesday 15th Dec 2021 |

Our modern society is dominated by ever-emerging trends and shifting styles. The majority of which our population aspires to stay on top of so that we remain socially relevant and don’t fall victim to embarrassing faux pas.

The fashion world is no exception and is arguably one of the most notable industries in which these trends and style shifts are most prevalent. Over the years, we’ve experienced many changes in fashion over a range of different age groups through exposure to a variety of multimedia and celebrity influences. 

A recently emerging popularity in the world of fashion is sportswear, also known as athleisure, and how its purpose has shifted from being mainly exercise-centric to everyday wear or high fashion in some cases. Sportswear has always been a widespread presence in fashion, from the 80’s boiler suits/ski suits to the Spice Girl-esque tracksuit bottoms and trainers of the ’90s. Arguably, its existence has now been elevated, thanks to popular social media and musical icons helping to dispel negative connotations formerly associated with the aesthetic. Now famed for helping wearers express diversity while remaining comfortable, with some notable, leading brands being worn outside the driving range.  

With this in mind, we’ve created this list of tips and tricks to help you style sportswear, which items you should consider incorporating into your wardrobe, and which ones to plain avoid. You can also visit Hayden Hill, for more tips and ideas on how to protect and organize your wardrobe. 

Styling Sportswear – Keep Your Trainers Looking Clean  

Undoubtedly, one of the most significant sportswear pieces to become popular in the fashion world is trainers. So much so that trainers have become a desirable item to collect and boast about amongst practicing members of the ‘sneakerhead’ community. Unlike traditional trainers, usually depicted in garish colours and used for going to the gym and sweating in, modern day trainers have become popular across younger generations through brands such as Nike and Adidas. Perhaps because they are so comfortable and are relatively affordable, depending on which brand you opt for, and easy to pair with just about any piece of clothing. Most trainer brands boast cushioned-soles also, adding to their comfort appeal, or extremely platform soles which have also been notable across fashion shows and celebrity figures. 

However, the biggest mistake wearers of this trend make are failing to keep their trainers clean and presentable. Dirty trainers are perfectly acceptable if you’ve just been to the gym or for a run; however, if you’re planning on wearing them for everyday wear, make sure you take a wet wipe to them before you head out. Fresh, spotless trainers help to elevate your look and keep you looking stylish without making it look as though you’ve darted out straight after a five-mile run. 

Styling Sportswear – Play with Different Designs and Textures  

Another tip to consider when styling sportswear and deciding which items to incorporate into your wardrobe is playing with different designs and textures. Due to the sheer range of varying sportswear brands on the market, you can find active wear catering for various tastes and aesthetics in several designs and textures. One of the best and most affordable ways to experiment with colours and patterns is through leggings, tank tops, and sports bras, which you can find from many online retailers or in-store. Take a look at the offerings from leading sportswear brands such as J.Lindeberg, who specialise in functional, stylish sportswear, available in a vast array of designs and textures. 

Worst case scenario, if you end up purchasing a design or texture that you don’t like, you could always consider passing the offending item onto a friend or re-selling it on online marketplaces or shopping apps like Facebook and Depop. 

Styling Sportswear – Experiment with the Fit of Your Clothes  

One of fashions appealing factors is the ability to experiment with your clothes’ style, layering, and fit. Not just present in sportswear, it has now become increasingly popular to pair tight-fitting garments with oversized jackets and sweaters, which is an excellent style aspect to consider when deciding which sportswear items to incorporate into your wardrobe. Are you the type of person to wear a pair of flowing yoga leggings with an oversized zip-up? Or are you more likely to be seen in a loose-fitting tracksuit with a pair of chunky trainers? You could do this simply with drawstring sweaters or bottoms, opposed to ones with zips or buttons, as you can tailor the fit to be looser or tighter depending on your desired style for that day. Pull it tighter and tie into a bow to accentuate your waist, or leave it loose and undone for a more casual, relaxed look. 

Regardless of your preferred style, it’s fun to switch it up occasionally and experiment with different layering. Although, try not to go overboard as overly tight sportswear items such as compression leggings are acceptable in the gym but can be a bit of an eyesore in public. Likewise, with baggy sportswear items, too much material can make you look shapeless or like an overstuffed olive. Ultimately, sportswear is meant to keep you comfortable, and if contentment is your style aim, we support you! Alternatively, if your goal is to use sportswear elements to enhance and compliment your shape, try experimenting with different tips and tricks to achieve your desired outcome. 

Styling Sportswear – Incorporate Non-Sportswear Clothing into Your Fits  

Another one of our top tips to style sportswear is incorporating non-sportswear-themed clothing into your outfit creations. This creative trick aims to seamlessly blend a mixture of sportswear and everyday accessories and clothing so that you don’t create an overly sporty outfit instead of one that is wearable. You can achieve this by elevating your outfit with accessories like platform trainers, statement jewellery, or a handbag so that the general public won’t expect you to drop to the street and start busting out press-ups. On the other hand, if accessories aren’t your forte, you could try using a different jacket or sweater, like a leather or a denim one over a pair of gym leggings. 


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