Struggling with Re-Entry Anxiety? Tips to help you cope

Tuesday 04th May 2021 |

Are you feeling anxious about resuming life after lockdown? For most of us, lockdown has been disruptive at best, but slowly we have adapted to the ‘new normal.’

However, as various restrictions are being lifted and Britons are slowly returning to work and old routines, we are now seeing increased reports of what experts are calling ‘re-entry anxiety.’ 

Anxiety UK Operations Director Dave Smithson explains:“‘Re-entry anxiety’ is fear of the changes that will happen when we are able to leave lockdown and socialise, shop and travel again. This is often down to health worries, social stressors, or fear of the unknown: concerns about returning to work, children going back to school, or generally adjusting to former routines can all play a part. As we cannot see the future, we can never be certain about what exactly is going to happen next and for some, this can cause major anxiety.”

Anxiety occurs when your body’s ‘fight or flight’ defence works continuously. An ‘imbalance’ in the way the body processes environmental and sensory stimuli lead to a disproportionate ‘excitatory’ response, and excessive release of neurotransmitters between nerve cells in the brain. This in turn can lead to overstimulation of the nervous system, high levels of adrenaline and feelings of anxiety.

We live in a time when manufactured medicines prevail and prescriptions for potentially addictive anti-anxiety medications, such as benzodiazepines, are at an all-time high. But do they have to be the only approach to healing Brits increased anxiety?

Commenting on the symptoms and treatments available for ‘re-entry anxiety,’ Dave Smithson says: 

“Some people feel an uncontrollable sense of dread or recurring worries about the future. Some have difficulty concentrating or an inability to relax. Others feel tense and have difficulty sleeping. Whatever your symptoms may be, there is a general feeling of tension, nervousness, panic, and worry that cause you to feel anxious. 

“Here at Anxiety UK, we recognise that anxiety affects people in different ways, and not all experiences or symptoms warrant taking prescribed medication. As such we welcome a range of treatment and support options, including the Kalms Lavender One-a-Day capsule and other non-prescription options such as talking therapies.”

More than 15 clinical trials show that the pharmaceutical quality lavender oil, found only in Kalms Lavender, is effective at reducing the psychological and physical symptoms of anxiety; the effects are comparable to treatment with pharmacological medication, including SSRI’s and benzodiazepines, but without the common side effects such as sedation or addiction.

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