Starting an Art Collection? Here’s What You Can Learn From The Pros

Friday 20th Aug 2021 |

Art displays provide millions of people with the opportunity to marvel at some of the best pieces created throughout time.

No matter what art style you are a fan of, you can guarantee that somewhere in the world, an art exhibit exists that is showcasing just that.  

With many art museums around the world existing as a direct result of art collectors producing a space to showcase their collection, you might find yourself wondering how you would go about starting your own art collection. Whether you intend to start small or aim big, we feel confident you will find valuable tips here.  

Starting an Art Collection – Find and Follow Artists on Social Media 

Social media undoubtedly enables us to connect with people far and wide in ways that were once only imaginable. As a result, you can expect to find your new favourite artist hidden amongst the depths of these platforms.  

Using social media to explore the art styles you like will enable you to find artists who fit into this category. Through this, you will be able to find associated art galleries and collections, both those available to purchase and those not.  

Not to mention, social media will be able to give you inspiration on how and where to set up your art collection. Concerning the placement of your art, this takes us to the following section.  

Starting an Art Collection – Experimenting With Your Layout 

Particularly if you intend to display the artwork you are collecting in your own home, you will want to ensure that it is displayed in the correct manner and in a way that means all can see the artwork.  

What’s more, you can experiment with the layout of your artwork by observing techniques used in art galleries owned by art collectors like Charles Saatchi. Much like that seen in galleries like the Saatchi Gallery, modern art often works well in the home dynamic. Standing out among other elements of your home or complementing any existing decorations and furniture that you have are both techniques that you could consider.  

Furthermore, you should ascertain whether the artwork you have or intend to purchase will need framing or protecting somehow.  

Starting an Art Collection – Prints Are An Affordable Option 

If you are on a budget when wanting to start an art collection, you should remember that this does not have to limit you or put you at any disadvantage. Original prints of artwork are an affordable alternative to buying the artwork outright. 

Many organisations will produce original prints and offer them to interested individuals like yourself at an affordable rate. Keep a watchful eye on these types of sales, for you could even come across limited edition prints as well. What more do you want for your art collection?  

While we recognise this was only a short insight into starting your very own art collection, we hope you are leaving us with a better understanding of what you must do moving forward to achieve that. Whether it is a lifelong dream or a new hobby you have undertaken, we feel confident your efforts will come to fruition in no time.