Stacked Rings Are Back and More Stylish Than Ever

Saturday 16th Mar 2024 |

The stacking ring trend is back for 2024, as celebrities put the trend back in the spotlight at The Oscars 2024. Charlize Theron, Vanessa Hudgens and Daniella Brooks were pictured in gorgeous diamond ring stacks and according to research by online jewellery brand PRYA, searches for ‘ring stack’ increased by 61% in the past month. 

Stackable rings offer versatility, personalisation and the ability to create a style that is uniquely yours – but it’s easy to get wrong, says Arwa Hassan, style director at PRYA. 

She says, “A well-curated ring stack shows that you pay close attention to detail and creates a polished appearance. By mixing and matching different rings, you can display your unique personality and make a statement without saying a word. We would always recommend starting with one or a couple of basic gold or silver bands and building from there. Place larger rings on the middle or index finger and wear smaller rings on the upper part of your fingers. Arrange rings differently on both hands and opt for a gemstone or birthstone to elevate and bring personality to your stack. 

“Building around a specific theme can tie your look together but don’t forget to experiment and have fun with your stack. Avoid wearing rings on every single finger and placing rings in the exact same position, as it can look overcrowded.”

Stacked Rings

Seven simple ways to make stacked rings look fashionable 

  1. Mix styles

Mixing different styles of rings allows you to create a unique and personalised stack. Experiment by combining minimalist bands, statement rings, delicate designs and quirky shapes to express your own individual style.

  1. Mixing metals

Consider mixing metals strategically. Pairing gold and silver rings together adds visual interest and prevents your stack from looking too uniform. Alternatively, stick to one metal tone for a more cohesive look. 

  1. Consider finger placement 

Experiment with stacking your rings on different fingers to achieve balance. For example, placing a statement ring on your middle finger with delicate bands on your index (first) finger and ring finger to create symmetry. 

  1. Play with sizes 

Mixing different ring widths and sizes helps create balance and visual appeal. Pair thinner bands with thicker ones to create contrast and variation. 

  1. Leave some space

Avoid overcrowding with too many rings. Leaving some space between each ring allows them to stand out individually and prevents your overall look from appearing cluttered. 

  1. Stack with gemstones 

Incorporate rings with gemstones or birthstones to bring colour and personality to your ring stack. Whether you opt for subtle accents or vibrant hues, gemstone rings can make a statement and add visual interest to your fingers. Consider mixing gemstone rings with plain bands for a balanced and eye-catching look.

  1. Balance is key

Balance is key for creating a harmonious ring stack. If you’re wearing a bold gemstone ring on one finger, balance it out with a simpler, understated band on the adjacent fingers.  This allows your stack to look cohesive and doesn’t overwhelm your look.

Arwa continued, “Diamond ring stacks took centre stage at The Oscars. Diamond rings are incredibly versatile and can be stacked with various other rings, including plain bands, gemstone rings or other diamond rings. They offer a perfect blend of style, elegance and personal expression. There’s a number of affordable options on the PRYA website, including our Anika Band Ring (£26), ICY Initial Ring (£36) and Macie CZ Ring (£24). The beauty of a ring stack is that it’s uniquely yours, so don’t be afraid to experiment.” 

Stacked Rings
  • Index finger  Horizontal Cross Ring is simple and sophisticated.
  • Middle finger: Anika Band Ring, another adjustable favourite. Anika is so versatile and can be worn on any finger. 
  • Ring finger: Lucia Numeral Ring in silver, a best seller for a reason. Lucia Ring is beautifully crafted and just exudes elegance. 
  • Ring finger: Nara Ring is the perfect one for a finishing touch in your stack, offering sparkle and elegance
Stacked Rings
  • Index finger: Opal Carys Heart Ring, a cute and dainty statement ring which can be worn everyday. She is a jewellery box staple!
  • Index finger knuckle: Kylie Dainty Diamond Ring, the glistening CZ stones are the perfect finishing touch to your ring stack.
  • Middle finger: Jada Baguette Ring in Gold, she’s adjustable so can be worn on any finger. Jada demands attention in any ring stack.

For more ring stack inspo, visit the PRYA website

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