Spring cleaning: Bizarre, budget cleaning hacks that actually work

Wednesday 07th Apr 2021 |

Spring means we shake up our wardrobes and interiors, but it also calls for a big clean before you change it up.

We all know the dusting, hoovering and mopping needs to be done, but there are a few forgotten gems to see us into the Spring. Everyone’s favourite app is no exception to the spring cleaning hype, with #cleaninghacks having over 1.2B views.

To kickstart our transitions into SS21, we’re turning our attention to cleaning hacks. Luckily, The Lighting Superstore are here to help you nail it.

Spring cleaning – Hot and steamy

One Tiktok user gained popularity doing a job not many of us can say we often endure – getting into the nitty gritty of her radiator.

The video gained so much traction, with over 753K views, likely due to the shocking amount of dirt that the cleaning guru revealed was inside – enough to make homeowners scramble to take a look at their own filthy radiator.

Following this method, ensure you have a means to catch water and dirt under the radiator, as pouring hot water and cleaning solution through the inside is how to release the dirt in hard-to-reach areas, then follow up with a cloth to dust around the edges. 

If you’re worries about using hot water, a hairdryer should do the trick for loosening the built-up dust.

Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning – Tech touchups

Working from home means we are using our laptops and computers more than ever. There is no office cleaner in our houses, which means we have to pick up the slack.

Make sure you are disinfecting your laptop as you are constantly touching it – the keyboard, mouse and often screen. To clean the keyboard, use an old toothbrush to get right into the keys, loosening any crumbs or dust. 

Distil some washing up liquid with water for the rest of your laptop. Make sure you only add a little to the cloth to avoid any contact internally and simply wipe in a circular motion.

Spring cleaning – Light and bright

We often can’t see the build-up of dirt and dust on our lighting fixtures, so they don’t tend to get the cleaning attention they need.

Before cleaning any type of listing fixture, always make sure the power is completely off. Try using a lint roller on your fabric lamp shades to remove any dust. Simply remove the lamp shade from its fixture and get stuck into cleaning – the rollers will pick up any dust and fraying fabric from the product.

Alternatively, for extravagant chandeliers, you can buy a ready-made, cost effective crystal cleaner. Place an absorbent cloth under your lighting feature, then shake can well and spray from the bottom upwards. Voila! Good as new.

Spring cleaning – Tupperware turn around

There is nothing worse than your leftovers or lunchbox staining all your Tupperware. We all know the familiar orange tint that our containers can get, but a simple hack can fix this issue in no time. 

Simply place a piece of kitchen towel, some washing up liquid and a micro amount of boiling/hot water into the Tupperware.

Close it all up and shake, and within minutes you will see the magic begin to happen. The colour fades as the paper towel soaks up the stain and returns your favourite Tupperware to its original state.

Spring cleaning – Magic carpet

Rugs can really add something extra to a rooms style and décor, but they can be guilty of attracting a lot of dust and dirt.

Viral trends on Tiktok have prompted many to deep clean their rugs, with #carpetcleaning boasting over 292M views, when viewers saw the results of a deep cleaned rug being a bath full of dark, murky water after two washes. 

Fill your bath with warm water and detergent, submerge your rug and let the magic happen over a number of hours. Some cleaners even found their rug was due a double wash, so waste no more time on dirt build up.

By Matthew Currington, Technical Director, The Lighting Superstore

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