Spring Clean Your Home with Faith In Nature’s Eco Friendly Household Essentials

Tuesday 05th Mar 2024 |

With Spring on the horizon, embrace a fresh start with Faith In Nature’s eco-friendly household products: environmentally conscious solutions to refresh your home whilst caring for the planet.

Faith In Nature offers a revolutionary refillable system of plant-derived formulas including Super Concentrated Washing Up Liquid and Super Concentrated Laundry Liquid that is non-toxic, good for the environment yet tough on dirt and grime. The biodegradable range is created using the highest quality of naturally derived, cruelty-free ingredients with 100% natural fragrance and is Vegan Society Approved.

Whilst the perception is often that natural home cleaning products can be expensive, Faith In Nature’s range is super concentrated, meaning their washing up liquid will last the average household 2 years as it contains 350 washes per bottle. The refillable 5L size also means less plastic consumption and less trips to the shop.

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The household range includes:

Lemon Super Concentrated Washing Up Liquid – £25.99 (5L)

A zesty and effective solution for tackling dirty dishes and kitchenware.  Infused with the uplifting scent of lemon and enriched with plant-derived cleaning agents, this washing up liquid effortlessly cuts through grease and grime, leaving dishes sparkling clean without leaving behind any harmful residues. Eco-friendly, paraben and SLS free, the plant derived ingredients will cut through grease and dried on food to leave dishes sparkling clean. Formulated with Lemon Oil for a pleasant natural citrus aroma.

Aloe Vera & Rosemary Super Concentrated Laundry Liquid – £25.99 (5L)/  £80.00 (20L)

Infused with the soothing properties of aloe vera and invigorating scent of rosemary, this laundry liquid tackles stubborn dirt and stains with ease leaving fabrics clean, soft and delicately fragranced. Formulated with plant-based ingredients and free from harsh chemicals, it is gentle on clothing and the environment alike.  Gently cleans clothes, even on lower temperatures and is kind to sensitive skin. Formulated with aloe vera and rosemary oil to leave clothes smelling super fresh. The non-biological laundry liquid contains no enzymes, parabens, phosphates or bleaches.

Choose to refill your 5 Litre range by visiting your local refill station, or refill at home. All 5 litre bottles can be purchased from a variety of online retailers, including Amazon, Holland & Barrett, and faithinnature.co.uk.

Details of all other Faith In Nature refill stations can be found on the website here: https://www.faithinnature.co.uk/article/faith-in-nature-refill-stations.aspx


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