Somabay offers more environmentally responsible tourism

Sunday 28th Apr 2024 |

Somabay is spotlighting its efforts towards more environmentally responsible tourism, in line with Egypt’s 2030 strategy for sustainable development. Having implemented a number of environmental initiatives in recent years, Somabay is continuing to establish itself as a leader with its commitment to sustainable tourism in Egypt.

In early 2024, the destination announced it had made the transition to exclusively use natural gas, aligning with Egypt’s goal of reducing carbon emissions and decreasing reliance on diesel and fossil fuels in tourist zones. This latest development makes Somabay the first integrated tourist resort in Egypt to fully transition to the use of natural gas, building on its ongoing commitment to become a more environmentally responsible tourism destination. 

environmentally responsible tourism

Somabay has also furthered its commitment to environmentally responsible development within its golfing facilities, with all its courses now using Paspalum Platinum grass – a sustainable alternative that is salt tolerant and withstands high temperatures – allowing for reduced water usage across the destination. The development of the golfing facilities over the last five years has also ensured the incorporation of indigenous species of plants, assisting with regional biodiversity.  

Last year saw the introduction of Somabay’s 5MW PV solar plant in collaboration with TAQA Arabia, which currently generates 18% of Somabay’s power. The destination has also recently signed an agreement with TAQA Arabia, outlining a commitment to build a water desalination plant using the electricity generated from the solar plant, further minimising its carbon footprint.  

Somabay is committed to protecting the future of the planet through ongoing innovation to continue to champion environmentally responsible practices moving forward, in line with Egypt’s 2030 strategy for sustainable development. For more information, please visit

environmentally responsible tourism

About Somabay

Somabay is an exclusive Red Sea resort in Egypt. Just a 4-hour flight from Central Europe, with year-round sunshine and mild temperatures, Somabay offers vacationers an ideal Red Sea holiday. The resort location boasts some of the sandiest beaches of the Red Sea and panoramic views of desert mountains and blue skies. Luxury hotels, Gary Player championship golf course, a Holistic Spa & Thalasso centre, a diving and kite surfing centre all make Somabay the ideal place for relaxation and recreation.

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