Easter Roast lunch

Six simple, low-cost hacks to elevate your Easter roast lunch

Saturday 23rd Mar 2024 |

Food and Flavour Expert shares quick ways to improve the humble Easter Roast this year

Easter celebrations are notoriously surrounded by delicious food, from Easter eggs and an abundance of chocolate, to seasonal roast dinners and desserts. The Easter roast is a true British staple, full of tradition, but why not mix it up this year and use these simple hacks that are guaranteed to elevate the classic Easter roast. 

Here, Food and Flavour Expert, Matt Webster, from Seasoned Pioneers, provides six quick fixes to improve every Easter roast this springtime. 

Ain’t nobody got time for that

To save a lot of prep time in the kitchen, don’t peel the potatoes before boiling! Simply make a small cut all the way around the potato, then par-boil as normal. Once boiled, the skin will just slide off the potato, ready for roasting. For an extra hack, allow your fluffed-up spuds to cool before dropping into hot oil for the crispiest finish. 

Spice up your lamb! 

Lamb is the traditional choice for an Easter roast, but people typically go for quite obvious seasonings like rosemary. While there’s nothing wrong with keeping it classic, the best trick to wow your guests this Easter is to go wild with your lamb flavourings to create a true showstopper. Marmite is a bold flavour that works really well with lamb, or, equally, Moroccan spices such as cinnamon, clove and nutmeg can bring the dish to life. Try marinating a leg of lamb in an African Ras-el-Hanout spice blend before slow-cooking on Easter Sunday for a perfect roast, everytime. 

Channel your inner Salt Bae 

When seasoning foods, most people will use their fingers to sprinkle the seasoning over the food, but this leads to some parts with heavier seasoning and others with very little. Instead, you want to either rub the seasoning all over your meat, or use your wrist to ‘throw’ the seasoning all the way along so that it glides across the food evenly. 

It’s grate 

For anyone choosing garlic as a key ingredient – use a cheese grater to mince the garlic. As we all know, chopping up lots of garlic can be quite time consuming. So, instead, just mince garlic with a grater and it comes out like a perfect paste, ideal for rubbing on meat or veg. 

One pot wonder 

One of the hardest elements of nailing a roast dinner is getting all of the timings right. But one of the simplest hacks is to layer everything out onto trays and simply roast all together. The only “work” you’ll have to do is to think about the ingredients beforehand so that everything cooks at a similar rate. But you can also change the timings by the way you chop everything, so cut things with shorter cooking times into bigger chunks, with foods that take longer to cook in smaller pieces. It saves hours in the kitchen, saves on the washing up, and tastes just as good. 

It’s all gravy

For the gravy, use up your water from any boiled vegetables or potatoes, and use this for the gravy. The starchy water acts like a quick veg stock, making the perfect base for a lovely thick gravy. 

There are lots of different ways to get creative in the kitchen! For more inspiration, please visit https://www.seasonedpioneers.com/recipes/