Heirloom Veg seeds

SheGrowsVeg: New Seed Brand Set to Bring Back Heirloom Veg

Wednesday 01st Nov 2023 |

Would you like to enliven your dishes with homegrown veg that looks and tastes incredible? Jet black tomatoes, stunning pale pink chicory that looks like a rose or salad leaves that taste like wasabi are just a few of the tasty veg that could grace your plate thanks to exciting new seed brand, SheGrowsVeg.

SheGrowsVeg is disrupting the seed market with its range of over 150 open pollinated heirloom seed varieties that promise the most beautiful, unique and delicious veg to give your dishes the wow factor.


Launched by former jewellery designer to the stars, turned social media veg grower, Lucy Hutchings (@shegrowsveg), along with top marketeer and music festival organiser, Kate Cotterill, SheGrowsVeg is set to bring the most unusual veg, fruit, and edible flowers to veg patches and plates everywhere. 

SheGrowsVeg’s range is entirely open pollinated seed from heirloom or rare origins, meaning they are packed full of nutrients, are outstanding in the looks department and taste phenomenal. 


Explains Lucy, “We want to disrupt the seed market with varieties that, up until now, have largely been unavailable. We firmly believe that the only way to give yourself the most incredible range of ingredients, at a price that won’t break the bank, is to grow it yourself. You don’t have to be into gardening to grow food and we’ve created our range to give you beautiful open pollinated veg and the helping hand you need to get growing.”

SheGrowsVeg wants to attract everyone from ardent growers, to kitchen garden novices, along with experimental cooks who are dreaming of using unique and delicious produce they simply can’t buy in the shops. To help those new to growing their own, ‘Sow, Grow and Taste’ Youtube videos can be found via QR codes on every single pack, giving confidence to all.

So if you’re dreaming of bringing new colour, taste and variety to your plate, growing your own could be the answer and SheGrowsVeg will help you turn that dream into a reality. Each pack features stunning photography and jargon free instructions, making them a pleasure to collect. SheGrowsVeg have also carefully curated seed collections such as ‘chef’s choice’ and ‘top 5 heirloom tomatoes’ that make beautiful gifts tucked in little eco cotton bags. 

To find out more about the huge variety of seeds available and to buy online visit www.shegrowsveg.com