Sex is the secret to healthy hair. Result.

Monday 26th Jul 2021 |

After over a year of lockdowns, restrictions and social distancing, single Brits have been starved of interaction.

Not only has the lack of interaction affected everyone socially and sexually, but physically as well, with studies finding that lifeless and lacklustre hair is linked to prolonged periods of time indoors and being starved of vitamin D.

However, as of 17 May, the government finally permitted overnight stays and indoor mixing, giving love-seekers the chance to mingle again and fix their manes.

And with restrictions finally lifted, plus the return of two of the most highly anticipated dating reality shows, Love Island and Too Hot To Handle – it really could be the ‘summer of love’ everyone has been waiting for.

Although, it’s no surprise these young singles are looking for love after months of loneliness, according to scientists, the feeling of being in love or having pleasurable sex releases dopamine – a neurotransmitter that controls the brain’s reward and pleasure centre – into the body.

Sex is the secret to healthy hair

Nicole Petty at Milk + Blush explains why having a summer of love like these reality show contestants could be good for your hair, too.

Sex (or the anticipation of it) has been found to speed up hair growth and nourish dull hair in both men and women, as the bodies produce more oestrogen and testosterone.

While it’s often assumed that testosterone is purely a man’s hormone, that is untrue – both males and females have levels of each hormone. While hair loss has been associated with male pattern baldness if testosterone levels are too high, a healthy level of oestrogen can balance this out.

And not only is your hair likely to grow if you’re engaging in lots of sexual activity this summer, but the exercise itself will also increase your circulation and promote strong and shinier hair to grow from the roots.

So, if you want thick, luscious hair, then finding a special someone might be the answer to all your hair care problems this summer.

Although, remember that practising safe sex is beneficial for preventing hair loss, as untreated STD’s have been known to cause it to fall out.

So, get grafting, find your type on paper and make the most of a hot, sexy summer – your healthy new locks will thank you for it!

By Nicole Petty, Haircare Expert at Milk + Blush
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