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Semi-permanent vs permanent hair dye – which one’s better for your hair?

Monday 20th Jun 2022 |

Hair makeovers are a sign of changes and new life beginnings, especially for women. Either well-thought-out procedure or a decision made on a whim, it brings us a wave of fresh air and opens new possibilities.

Given such demand, the market is enriched with various brands offering their products for all types of hair. The most popular ones are semi-permanent hair dye and permanent hair dye, both of which are easily available in stationary and online stores. What is the difference, and which one is better for our hair? Let’s find out!

Semi-permanent hair dye in a nutshell

Semi-permanent hair dye, as the name suggests, lasts way shorter than a permanent one. Its specificity makes the product fade quicker, therefore giving us a place for mistakes. Why? Sometimes, we decide to have a hair makeover and do it on the same day, without giving it much thought. The colour we choose may not look as good on our hair as on the model, and the final effects can be closer to a nightmare than the dreamy, Hollywood-like look we hoped for. Additionally, semi-permanent hair dye does not contain any unneeded chemicals and ammoniaensuring the safety of our hair cuticles and providing more natural results. What kind of products should we take into account while looking for such an effect? L’Oreal provides many semi-permanent hair dyes, DIA Light or DIA Richesse being one of the options available. The first one is ideal for sensitised hair, while the latter will bring good results for women with natural and already coloured hair, given the alkaline tone-on-tone technology. If we yearn for more bold tones, reaching out for Matrix Color Sync or Wella Color Touch is the key. Various shades, including pastels and vibrant ones, are up for grabs for anyone who looks for an adventure.

Permanent hair dye – a sign of boldness

The more long-lasting option that is available for all hair enthusiasts, a permanent hair dye. In contrast to the mentioned above, its formula is made specifically to make it stay with us for more than a little while. Usually, they will not wash out, although may fade, so the re-colour is needed after a few months. Do they have any disadvantages? Unfortunately, yes. The biggest ones are the mix of both oxidizer and ammonia with the colour. The chemicals are necessary to help us reach the effect and make it last, but they may affect our hair condition and worsen its structure. Therefore, should we not opt for permanent hair dye? Not necessarily! If we decide on a makeover and want not a temporary effect, make sure to choose products that are proven not to be so damaging. Which ones fall into the category? For sure, the Matrix So Color series with a cera-oil complex that secures the condition and adds shine to our hair or Schwarzkopf’s Professional Igora Royal range that ensures full coverage while still leaving the hair in the best possible state. The thing worth remembering while using permanent hair dye is to make time for a hair treatment after the procedure. Conditioners, masks or oils applied later on will help us maintain their condition and bring back the shine.

Which hair dye is better? The ultimate showdown

We know the basics and are acquainted with all the aspects of semi-permanent and permanent hair dyes. But which one should we opt for while colouring? The decision should be made according to the effect we yearn for and our hair type. If we are up for a challenge and do not worry about its condition, permanent hair dyes, available in many more colours than the semi ones, will be a great choice. However, if we get bored easily and like to try new hairdos every other week, then temporary products may fit the category better. We get the preferred colour and will not worsen the hair condition, still having an open door for another makeover. Therefore there cannot be an ultimate winner of the showdown, as we all have different preferences. But no matter the type of hair dye, always ensure the safety and security of the procedure, and choose the tone that will bring out your personality. And certainly never underestimate the power of a new hairdo!

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