Sea Change Wine: Celebrating 5 years of sustainable innovation and charitable impact

Tuesday 18th Jul 2023 |

Sea Change, a pioneer in sustainable wine, is marking its fifth anniversary. Established in 2018, the company aim to provide eco-friendly alternatives for wine enthusiasts and has already made significant strides in environmental conservation and charitable initiatives.

The brand was founded by a team driven by their strong belief in businesses’ responsibility towards the environment. A chance conversation with a customer regarding the issue of plastic pollution in the ocean ignited their determination to challenge packaging norms and sustainability practices in the wine industry.

This led to the decision to donate a portion of every bottle sold to marine conservation charities. Sea Change Wine’s ethos revolves around the idea that enjoying exceptional wine should not harm the Earth. Their approach, offering delicious wines with beautifully designed labels and without unnecessary plastic packaging, has resonated with customers.

In just five years, they have sold over 1.4 million Sea Change Wine products. The range has rapidly expanded from two varieties at launch to 18 varieties today, including red, white, rosé, sparkling wines, a 0% non-alcoholic option, and canned wines. The brand’s commitment to producing wines that taste good and do good is reflected in the 20 awards they have received across their range.

The company’s charitable donations have exceeded €350,000, a significant portion of their profits. These funds have been distributed among several ocean conservation organisations, including Ocean GenerationSea Changers, and Oliver Ridley.

Donations to date have enabled a wide range of activities around the globe. These activities include education, community conservation, direct action, and marine animal rescue and rehabilitation. “We’d like to congratulate Sea Change Wine on their 5th anniversary. We are lucky to have been involved with them from day one and it’s been fantastic seeing the brand grow and build.
Their approach is a reminder to us all that whether it’s from a company or personal perspective we we can all contribute to positive change for our ocean..” said Jo Ruxton MBE, Founder of Ocean Generation

“Being Sea Change Wine’s UK charity partner for the last five years has helped us to enable grassroots, community-led marine conservation to happen all around the UK’s shores and coasts. Our model helps businesses like Sea Change who care about the marine environment to make a difference and we’re excited to see what we can achieve together over the next five years!” 
said Rachel Lopata MBE, Founder, SeaChangers 

“It’s been an incredible five years for us – I don’t think even we could have predicted how far the Sea Change brand would come in such a short period of time. We wanted to do things differently and to make a difference – we know there is still a long way to go but we’re all very proud of the impact we’ve had so far. In terms of the future, we’d love to see other brands follow our lead so that collectively, as an industry, we can make an even greater impact on the issue of plastic pollution and be a positive part of the solution.” said Ian Hanley, Director, Sea Change Wine.

To learn more about Sea Change’s impact, its 2022 report can be seen here. To view its range, please visit