Rose & Caramel; Squeaky Clean Skin

Tuesday 31st Aug 2021 |

We all know the familiar feeling of stubborn fake tan staying on the skin in orange blotches for weeks after application.

Rose & Caramel are the revolutionary new tan on the block with a unique tan remover which will make anyone’s skin feel fresh and ready for the next layer of tan!

Rose & Caramel – Purity Excel 3 Minute Self Tan Remover Scrub (£19.99)

This exclusive formula is made with a unique blend of key self-tan removal ingredients, natural pearlite, and rejuvenating salts. Enhanced with mango and pomegranate scent, purity excel is the fastest method of removing tan. Simply apply to the areas you want to remove tan, wait 3 minutes, and then wipe away your tan!

Rose & Caramel – Purity Clear Self Tan Removing Bubble Bath (£22.99)

Purity bubble bath is the first of its kind removing any brand of self-tan with zero effort.

Dip into a bubble filled bathtub, for a relaxing – rejuvenating – skin reviving soak, clearing your mind and your skin. The world’s first, multi award winning formula works on any brand of self-tan, colour, paraben & perfume free enabling all skin types to use with no irritation. Pour 50ml under running water, apply a little of the formula direct to stubborn areas as your bubble bath fills up. Soak for 20 minutes as your tan dissolves. Lightly buff over with exfoliating mitts revealing squeaky clean, rejuvenated skin.

Rose & Caramel – Purity Self Tan Removing Shower Gel (£19.99)

The purity shower gel works on any brand of self-tan and is 100% colour and paraben free. This super shower product will make your old self tan simply wash away dissolve needing only a light buff with your exfoliating gloves revealing squeaky clean skin that is ready to be tanned.

Rose & Caramel – Purity – Self Tan Remover Foam (£19.99)

The purity foam self-tan remover can be used to remove your old tan or erase any tanning mistakes! Is this a bath or shower product? The answer is both, the choice is yours!

The purity foam works on any brand of self-tan and can be used on all skin types as it contains no harmful ingredients. Your skin will be left feeling soft, smooth, and hydrated due to our use of the highest hydration technology.
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