Reveal your healthiest hair with Tabitha James Kraan

Wednesday 19th Jan 2022 |

Most women would agree that washing your hair can be an absolute chore. Certified-organic, hair expert formulated line Tabitha James Kraan has a unique ability to retrain, reset and revitalise the hair so that you can choose how often you want to wash your hair, rather than the other way around.

Our hair has the ability to self-clean. Tabitha’s haircare line works intrinsically with the hair’s natural means of producing nourishing oils, so that your hair stays fresher for longer.

Award winning Tabitha James Kraan haircare works to retrain how our hair behaves miraculously restoring its abilities to self-clean. How? Hair is naturally self-sufficient and will eventually clean itself on its own if not washed. ‘Self-cleaning’ means your hair produces oils over a slower period, stopping it from becoming overly greasy, whilst also protecting against having dry scalp and dandruff. These natural oils serve to nourish and replenish the hair and scalp with the nutrients and goodness that your hair needs to thrive.

It can take up to six weeks for the hair to adjust to the process of ‘self-cleaning’ and for the natural oils in the hair to find natural balance. This is where Tabitha James Kraan’s range of natural products come into play as they have been specifically designed to strengthen the fabric of hair and encourage its own ability to behave optimally giving you your best hair yet.

The Tabitha James Kraan philosophy is based on three core principles of oil balancing, correcting cleansing and moisture layering. Tabitha formulated the line so that it would have the unique ability to retrain, reset and revitalise the hair. This allows you to choose how often you wash your hair, rather than the other way around. Oil balancing reinstates the natural seal that each strand of hair needs to retain moisture and keep the scalp balanced.  The second step, correcting cleansing, calms the overproduction of sebaceous glands that can be caused by a reaction to over washing. Finally, moisture layering provides weightless yet deep hydration to combat dryness and keep the hair soft as well as creating gloss and shine.  These steps work cohesively to ensure that the all-important acid mantle is restored, and your hair starts to independently take care of itself.

The acid mantle is the secret, unsung hero of healthy hair. Made up of a concoction of essential amino acids and lipids from the oil glands, it is our scalp’s silent protector and part of the delicate matrix that creates a healthy skin barrier, protecting from environmental aggressors, irritants, and bacteria, while holding onto all the good stuff, like moisture. Finely tuning this helps to cut down on washes, as it helps to regulate the oils our hair needs to ‘self-clean’. Say goodbye to over washing our locks and hello to easy-to-maintain tresses that have never looked or felt better.

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