Reasons to visit Slovenia in 2021

Monday 23rd Aug 2021 |

From rolling green valleys and picturesque lakes to untouched nature and culinary delights, this bold beauty in the heart of Europe is an ideal choice for a post-lockdown holiday.

Slovenia is ready to welcome back UK holidaymakers to the green heart of Europe following the government’s changes to international travel rules for green list countries.

As of Monday 9 August, UK travellers who have been fully vaccinated will no longer need to quarantine on return from Slovenia. Upon entry, travellers are required to present a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken no longer than 72 hours prior to arrival. 

Reasons to visit Slovenia

There are plenty of reasons to visit Slovenia – an exciting destination situated in the heart of Europe between the Alps, the Mediterranean Sea, the Karst and the Pannonian. Officially recognised as the First Green Country in the world, according to the Green Destinations Standard, Slovenia is also considered one of the safest countries in Europe. Situated in a unique triangle in close proximity to popular European capitals, including Venice, Vienna and Budapest, Slovenia offers a wealth of outdoor, culinary, and five-star experiences for solo travellers, couples, groups of friends and families all year round. From towering mountains and vast lakes to rural backwaters and the cosmopolitan capital of Ljubljana, the country is small and easily accessible from neighbouring countries. Ideal for adventure and culture lovers, the landscape is ideal for walking, hiking, biking and kayaking, and the regions for winery, city and historic tours. 

10 reasons to visit Slovenia in 2021

1.     Green and safe – In 2020 Slovenia was among the first in the world to be acknowledged by the World Travel and Tourism Council awarding the country the Safe Travels Stamp. The Green&Safe label is testament to Slovenia’s sustainable efforts in the highest health and hygiene standards.

2.     Top destination for foodies – Slovenia’s cuisine borrows influences from Austria, Hungary, the Balkans and Italy to create an eclectic culinary experience and currently holds six Michelin stars. In 2021, Slovenia was named the European Region of Gastronomy based it its offerings combined with the development of sustainable living and quality of life. 

3.     Year-round active experiences – With more than 10,000 kilometres of maintained trails, Slovenia is a paradise for outdoor activity lovers, from hiking and biking along numerous cycling trails with varying difficulty to exploring caves, paragliding over rolling hills and kayaking in abandoned mine tunnels.  

4.     Natural health benefits –Slovenia’s thermal waters have natural therapeutic effects and the country’s sustainable spas and luxury resorts offer a variety of treatments incorporating local ingredients for the ultimate mind and body relaxation with scenic views to match. 

Reasons to visit Slovenia

5.     Historic culture – Slovenia’s historical charm reigns throughout the old town centres. Full of facts and legends, museums and galleries line the streets alongside castles and mansions nestled amongst green oases, parks, gardens and arboretums. 

6.     Committed to sustainability – Committed to sustainability, for generations Slovenia has lived and worked in harmony with nature striving to preserve it for future generations from age-old forests and national parks with exceptional biodiversity. 

7.     Iconic UNESCO heritage sites – From the scenic Alpine Lake Bled and UNESCO World Heritage Sites to the mysterious underground world of the Postojna Caves and the oldest vine in the world – Slovenia is home to some of Europe’s most unique attractions.

8.     Unique experiences – Home to many unforgettable experiences, discover the 5km long underground cycling route under Mount Peca or kayak the underground labyrinth of flooded excavation sites reminiscent of magical underground lakes.

9.     Diverse accommodation – From luxury hotels, tourist farms and boutique castle chambers to 5-star hotels and glamping in the middle of pristine nature, Slovenia’s hospitality caters for all travellers party size and budgets all within steps of nature and culture. 

10.  Easily accessible – British Airways flies direct to Ljubljana from London Heathrow twice weekly with fares starting from £84 return and, in just over two hours, travellers can enjoy strolling around the turquoise Lake Bled and admiring the majestic Julian Alps.
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