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QR menu: who, what and why

Tuesday 23rd Apr 2024 |

Not long ago, the American National Restaurant Association recognized that if your establishment uses paper menus, then they should be disposed of after each first use. That is, one menu – one person, period.

Do you think many restaurants adhere to this sanitary and ethical rule? Hardly. Well, in this situation you have 2 options:

#1. Organize your own printing department, which involves additional and significant costs of finance, labor and time.

#2. Quickly and easily adapt your menu into a digital format using the capabilities of a QR code for guests in the restaurant and online orders.

Without a single doubt, option #2 is not just the only profitable way to solve the problem of outdated menus. This is a double step forward to new technologies that are very loved by modern gadget users.

Transform the dining experience in your restaurant, cafe or bar with Oddmenu’s innovative qr menu service! For your guests, it’s a simple scan of a modern, convenient digital menu available right on their smartphones. No apps, no hassle – just a quick scan of a QR code! 

For you, Oddmenu is more than just a digital menu; it’s a comprehensive platform designed to improve customer service and increase sales. Their technology allows you to update menus in real-time, promote special offers and collect valuable feedback – all without the need to install expensive hardware or software.

What is a QR menu for a restaurant?

A QR menu is a virtual menu of any establishment, available to guests directly from a smartphone. To access current dishes and drinks, you just need to scan the establishment’s QR code. This can be done while sitting right in a restaurant (the code will be placed on the table), walking on the street (through a leaflet or print advertisement) or at home (through an image on the monitor screen).

qr menu

So, in order to realize all the advantages of an online restaurant menu, it’s worth finding out how the QR code works and what exactly makes it a game-changing tool for the future of your establishment.

Key QR Code Basics

QR translated from English means ”quick response”. This phrase perfectly reflects its essence. Visually, a person sees a label consisting of black squares in a certain order on a white background. This two-dimensional barcode contains encrypted information, such as a link, image, text, etc. Almost any content can be encoded in QR.

The main difference between a QR code and a regular one-dimensional barcode is the ability to scan and recognize information using a mobile phone camera. Wherever your potential guest is and whatever he is doing, placing an order will be as easy as shelling pears, and most importantly, convenient and safe. So the user does not need to install any additional applications, wait for his turn, or contact staff.

And given the current epidemiological situation in the world, when restaurants are actively beginning to restore their operations in the utmost safety mode and on the verge of profitability, the demand for an electronic menu using a QR code is increasing exponentially. Moreover, restaurant industry experts are confident that QR menus, along with contactless orders and payments based on QR codes, will soon become a generally accepted standard.

The power of QR technology

So, the online menu of a restaurant, cafe, bar, hotel and any other establishment looks similar to those QR codes that you have seen many times. It seems that this is just a set of monochrome squares, but in reality everything is much more interesting.

You can place your restaurant’s unique code anywhere, as long as it is visible to your target audience. These can be any familiar places: the establishment’s website, advertising platforms, business cards, leaflets, stands, advertising brochures, tables in the restaurant itself, etc. Access to the menu via a QR code can also be placed in a letter confirming a table reservation, regular newsletters, or on social media accounts.

qr menu

Let’s take a closer look at how to scan a menu in a restaurant. Once guests see your unique barcode, they simply scan it through their smartphone camera and get instant access to the latest menu and special offers. You don’t need any apps, and you can place an order in just a few clicks. Difficult? Never. For a long time? Quite the opposite.

Indeed, the QR code electronic menu has an endless list of advantages. But according to experts, the best thing about it is its absolute versatility. A QR menu will ideally fit into the operating principle and image of a 5-star hotel, takeaway cafe, sushi delivery, sports bar, children’s entertainment center… The list goes on forever.