Pond-therapy at Glass House Retreat

Wednesday 21st Jul 2021 |

Glass House Retreat – a spa, detox and wellness retreat set in the heart of the Essex countryside has introduced a new natural outdoor swimming pond to meet the growing demand for cold water dips.

With lockdown seeing public swimming pools closed and many people prioritising their mental and physical health during the pandemic, there has been a resultant boom in cold water swimming as the British public embraces lakes, ponds, rivers and the sea for refreshing dip.

Guests at Glass House Retreat can now experience a wild swim as though in a freshwater river or lake, without the muddy feet with its new natural swimming pond. The water is cleaned naturally, without need of harmful chemicals, which means it’s soft on skin, and kinder for wildlife. Cold exposure has been used to build a sense of biological resilience to stress so spending time in the pond means guests can train their bodies to handle stress better.  Both refreshing for a fresh dip on a summer’s day and invigorating in cooler weather, the new pond will certainly give guests a dose of feel-good endorphins that will long outlast the swim. Afterwards, guests can stretch out on a nearby sun lounger or unwind in the wood-fired sauna. 

The benefits of wild swimming / dipping according to Michael Adu, Head of Wellness at Glass House Retreat include:

AU NATUREL: Fresh water without a trace of chemicals to swim in 

WILDLIFE WELLNESS: Animals need to be kept well too and the pond provides the ability to sustain and house local wildlife such as ducks, frogs, dragonflies and mayflies

HOT & COLD: Juxtaposing the outdoor sauna and cold-water pond is a great way to convert white fat cells into brown fat cells. Brown fat cells are full of mitochondria (the body’s plant power) and studies have indicated that this can aid combatting diabetes and obesity

STRESS BUSTING: Cold exposure has been used to build a sense of biological resilience to stress. Spending time in the pond can train your body to handle stress better

CALORIE BURINING: Pond dippers can burn between 300-800 calories (depending on length and duration in the pond)

About Glass House Retreat: Glass House Retreat offers bespoke programmes that are designed to champion fitness, wellness and detox. Offering 21 rooms, a Himalayan salt sauna, indoor-heated swimming pool, a new outdoor sauna, outdoor natural swimming pond and wellness dome (which opened in May 2021) making it a popular place to visit this summer, a panoramic gym and a plethora of spa treatments from expert therapists using Elemis products, it’s the perfect haven for tranquillity and ideal for those looking to take care of their physical and mental health.

As well as offering the latest technology including a cryotherapy chamber, its weekly programme of yoga, fitness classes and walks ensures that guests can immerse themselves in. Every guest at the retreat is given an itinerary and meal plan that perfectly suits their needs, whether they are visiting for a day spa or a week-long retreat. The expert team of therapists and coaches are on-hand to ensure that each guest gets the best results possible no matter the duration of their time there.  Glass House Retreat champions detox therefore, the menu does not offer caffeine or alcohol.