Friday 16th Apr 2021 |

RÉDUIT’s UNI device meets demands of modern day consumers looking for easy, eco ways to get their fix of bespoke beauty

A few years ago, it was the consumer who wanted control over the personalisation of their products – product suggestions best suited to them were ideal, but they wanted to make the final call.

Pod beauty devices

Now, they’re demanding brands get it right first time and deliver on everything from the right actives for their skin to clever administration methods that match up to the pro’s expert techniques. Which is where pod beauty devices are making waves. Giving consumers the ability to develop personalised products and routines at home, gadgets like the RÉDUIT UNI provide the technology to get salon results at home.

Offering 12 skin and 12 hair treatments in its portfolio, each pod contains exactly the right amount of product needed to get the results you’re looking for, be it protection from environmental aggressors, super hydrated skin, volumised hair or colour protection.

pod beauty devices

Using a unique misting technology that disperses product over the hair or skin, the highly concentrated formulas ensure perfect coverage so not one iota of product goes to waste and not one millimetre of skin or hair misses out on those transformative ingredients. It also makes the entire process more environmentally friendly as not only do the pods require less packaging, but there’s also less waste overall.

Compact, lightweight and with USB charging, it also means you’ll never have to forgo the convenience and efficacy of a carefully curated skin and haircare routine. Plus, with such a wide range of pods on offer, wherever you go on your travels you can tailor your regime to what’s required because let’s not forget temperature changes and climate switch-ups can be seen and felt most in your hair and skin.

With pod beauty devices here to stay, you’ll wonder why you haven’t invested in one sooner.

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