Planning a Kitchen Refit?Things to consider before you start

Monday 11th Jan 2021 |

2020 was the year of the refurbishment in the UK, with more than £55bn spent on people improving their homes between March and August last year.

Of that figure, Trend Monitor reveals that 22% of the spend was attributable to kitchen renovations, one of the two most lucrative changes you can make to your home in terms of value.

The other is the bathroom, but a kitchen is perhaps the most important. It is the focal point of the home, a meeting place where you and your family come together morning and night for food and interaction.

It is also a functional room, one in which food is prepared and stored, as well as several other household chores carried out. Each kitchen makes a statement about the owner, be it their design tastes, their food preparation habits or how many accessories they have to display and store. Every homeowner wants something different from a kitchen and that makes it a popular room to redesign and remodel.

If you are planning on working on your kitchen in light of the latest restrictions placed upon us in the United Kingdom, then make sure you give it careful consideration first. You cannot just get started ripping out unit and appliances without considering these issues first.

Planning a Kitchen Refit – Budget

Planning a Kitchen Refit

You must be realistic about your budget and plan for the kitchen you can afford. Depending on the level you wish to remodel to, a kitchen may only cost you a thousand pounds or so, but it can run into a much higher figure if you get too ambitious. Before you start, set a strict budget and then seek out appliances, fittings and décor that suit your budget. Make sure what you can afford and what you want are aligned – the worst place to be is with a half-built kitchen and no money to complete it. Also, make sure any final figure you wish to spend has a contingency of around 10% built-in, for unforeseen issues which will inevitably crop up.

Planning a Kitchen Refit – Balancing Your Needs

People use their kitchens for lots of different activities and you must consider what you use yours for. Do you do lots of cooking, baking and food preparation? If so, it is prudent to ensure lots of worktop space, a suitable oven and stove and plenty of storage. If you are not such a dab hand and tend to prepare ready meals, then you might not need quite as much space. Think about appliances too, do you need a tall freestanding fridge, or do you not keep as much in the one you have? Do you tend to meet up with the family and use the kitchen as a central hub, or are you only in there to pop on the microwave and make a cup of tea? Assess your needs, not the accepted kitchen norms, and renovate accordingly.

Planning a Kitchen Refit – Space

Managing space is a fundamental of the kitchen many people get wrong. You might be surprised how many cupboards you need for crockery, or drawers for towels, cutlery and the obligatory ‘bits’ draw that can be found in every kitchen. However, you may also be limited in terms of the physical space you have. Often, smaller terraced homes might have a corridor kitchen, which means you need to undertake some savvy design tricks to get the kitchen you want. Work with space, making it practical, usable but also useful.

Planning a Kitchen Refit

Planning a Kitchen Refit – Protection

There are plenty of guides, tips and tricks to designing and installing your new kitchen, but one of the most important elements to consider comes after you have finished. With any kitchen renovation, you are likely to be chopping into existing pipework for appliances, installing new taps and maybe a new sink too. Doing this brings together existing plumbing installations and new fittings, which creates the possibility of malfunction, which is where services insurance comes in.

Leading home insurance provider HomeServe looks after 1.8m homes nationwide and breaks down the common insurance policies for homeowners on their website. They note that you can cover your plumbing system for a minor amount each month, covering you if your expensive new kitchen springs a leak. Those plans can also be extended to the heating system, and the electrics, if you have tapped into those also.

To conclude, make sure you have every step of your renovation plotted out before you lift a hammer or drill, because failing to plan, as we all know, equates to planning to fail.

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